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Master Index

      February 1996 Vol 14 #1

      • Adjustable genoa blocks
      • Down the Drain – galley sinks again – details and drawing of improvement
      • Emergency antenna
      • Engine starting – paralleled cable solution
      • Holding tank venting, Oil level and changing – one gallon zip style baggie from bottom
      • Bi-fold companionway door
      • Ice box topper

      May 1996 Vol 14 #2

      • VacuFlush Retrofit
      • Universal Filter replacement Numbers
      • Fuel screen removal
      • Turning blocks, rigging, cruising spinnaker
      • Emergency tiller casting

      August 1996   Vol 14 #3

      • Emergency tiller cap removal – be careful
      • More on oil filters

      November 1996 Vol 14 #4

      • Electrical system enhancements: Bay Tripper’s Heart Freedom inverter charger, Link 2000R, Powerline 130 amp alternator, golf cart batteries; Whisker’s Ample Power 106 amp alternator, Next Step Regulator, Cruising Equipment’s Amp Hour Monitor
      • Apache’s Balmar 75 amp dual output alternator, BRS regulator, gel batteries, Link 10 monitor