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Master Index

      February 1992 Vol 10 #1

      • Garhauer hardware 10 year warranty
      • Corrosion prevention: screws in metal
      • Wing keel draft
      • Prop pitch, Sail selection and mast tuning
      • Refrigerator circulation, keel bolt tightening
      • Rudder seepage- check inside column
      • Rub rails
      • Engine vibration

      May 1992 Vol 10 #2

      • Refrigeration, Batteries, Binding Halyards, Bow rollers
      • Drip Free Shaft Log Packing – procedures and materials
      •  Head solution – antisiphon
      • Mast boot – canvas

      August 1992  Vol 10 #3

      • Engine Overheating, Mast Paint, Leaking forward port light
      • Engine vibration and filters
      • Microwave installation
      • Ship Radio Station license

      November 1992   Vol 10 #4

      • Starting problems
      • Wing Keel
      • Helpful Hints: Bilge pump switch, head hatch screen, main sheet traveler
      • Refrigeration Installation, Aft Bulkhead removal (QUIZ: find the ten screws