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Master Index

      February 1991 Vol 9 #1

      • Back issues
      • Table, head and V berth mods
      • Decommissioning: sole removal and finishing
      • Keel blisters
      • Battery problems, bonding, thru hulls
      • Cockpit shower – hot and cold p 43
      • Trash container
      • Propane tank
      • Bluewater sailing – input from England
      • Cupboard, propane storage
      • Squeaks and rattles; hatch upgrade: doors & steps
      • Electrical system, paint, speed: Automac
      • Low cost refrigeration: camping plug in cooler
      • Wind generator questions
      • New alternator improves battery charging system

      May 1991 Vol 9 #2

      • Diesel engine RPMS
      • Blister repair
      • Cockpit speakers on pop in hatchboard, pedestal instrument mount
      • Diesel engine idling: DON’T DO IT, we’re not trucks
      • Barrier coat
      • Garhauer replacement
      • Lifeline gate new stanchion, cutter rig questions, teak supplier for drawers, etc.
      • Mast Pumping
      • Battery charger failure followup
      • Bulkhead storage

      August 1991 Vol 9 #3

      • Boom vang
      • Stern ladder treads (they no longer make these teak gems – do it yourself)
      • High engine temperature situation: Bristol (now Seaward) fixes to panels & wiring
      • Engine vibration, soft engine mounts
      • Portlight screens
      • Engine zincs (those HIDDEN pencils)
      • Furling, props, impellers: Hood Seafurl drum peeling, two vs three blades and pitch, Sherwood vs Oberdorfer water pumps
      • Feathering props, swim ladder (how to get it deeper)
      • Cruising experiences: more batteries, autopilot, backup propane bottles,
      • Storage under aft cabin, portlight screens
      • Cooler odor: drain water line

      November 1991 Vol 9 #4

      • Air conditioning thru hatch
      • Head problems, cellular phone interference
      • Microwave feet, screens
      • Pressurized cockpit water (cold only)
      • Prop repitching and Additional head storage
      • Engine zinc modifications