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Master Index

      • February 1988 Vol 6 #1

        • Engine Cooling Vapor Lock
        • Batteries for Mechanical Refrigeration
        • Exhaust Gasket
        • More On Alternator Brackets

        May 1988 Vol 6 #2

        • Engine Instrument Panel
        • Alarm Suggestions
        • Raw Water Intake sea grass
        • Plastic Bag Remover – thru hull tee cleaning device with diagram

        August 1988 Vol 6 #3

        • Spontaneous combustion fire on board, don’t store rags
        • Hood furling system drum corrosion
        • Epoxy barrier coat
        • Fuel Problems and diesel filters – fill filters with clean fuel first for easy bleed
        • Engine spares
        • Propellers – the beginning of a continuing saga!
        • First cocktail table article
        • Adler Barbour refrigeration and battery charging
        • Storage Additions: aft cabin drawer, fore cabin drawer, head cabinet, good pix

        November 1988 Vol 6 #4

        • Propellers
        • Heat Exchanger hose clamps
        • Backstay adjusters, higher joint
        • Dorade vents not closing, crow foot wrench
        • Traveller coming undone, galley sink plumbing
        • Oil leak canister rubbing on water line hose clamp
        • Fuel Filters & Refrigeration – good refrig details
        • High capacity batteries
        • Hawaiian fresh water collection: putty around deck fill
        • Bonus Material: Instruments Cabinet, Galley Splash Guard, Companionway Dust Buster