Fleet 1


The Catalina 34 is an ideal San Francisco Bay boat, and is probably the most popular 34 foot cruiser/racer on the Bay.  A stiff and comfortable boat with many amenities, it can sleep up to seven people.  While the C-34 sails well in heavy winds, it is easily handled by a couple.

The boat has been in production since the 1986 model year, but has gradually evolved during the past 20 years.  The final version, Mark II differs in numerous respects from the earlier C-34s, But it retains the same waterline dimensions and races with other Catalina 34s in a single one-design class under the Fleet 1 One Design Rules.

Fleet One is a local one-design association affiliated with the Catalina 34 International Association. Composed of over 30 Bay Area and Delta C-34 and C-350 owners, we are dedicated to the notion that a strong, active local fleet contributes to the pleasure of owning a C-34. We meet one another through an active social and cruising calendar,  and race against one another in a one- design class, using working sails only, both in summer and in winter.

You are invited to peruse the pages of this website to learn more about our fleet and its activities.  If you have any questions about the boat, our fleet, or this site, please feel free to contact one of our officers or the webmaster.

Visit our new Fleet Forum on c34.org for race results and various announcements

News Letter and Membership lists at: Fleet 1 – Details