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Editor note: This is the May 2015 article that was not published in Mainsheet

The 2015 Annual Dinner at Paragon Restaurant was the perfect stop to celebrate the winner of the Cruiser and Racer of the Year awards. The 30 members and friends swapped stories of the 2014 sailing season and ideas for boat projects we would like to complete, before the 2015 season gets underway.

Rick Allen presented the Cruiser of the Year trophy to Scott and Christine of Seascript in recognition of their work in organizing the Cruising program for the last several years.

Scott and Christine - Seascript - celebrate receiving the COTY award, or maybe it was their recent engagement

Scott and Christine – Seascript – celebrate receiving the COTY award, or maybe it was their recent engagement

Chris Owen went over the Racing schedule for 2015 and invited others to join the racing fun. He announced that David Sanner of Queimada was the winner of the Racer of the Year for 2014.

Cory Jackson, our Treasurer, gave the financial update – we have enough money to pay for this dinner, let’s move on.

The major event of the evening was the announcement of Scott and Christine’s engagement – we congratulate them and wish them every happiness.

We thank those who supported the Fleet activities in 2014 and hope to see new and more faces during 2015.

Thanks to Rick, Chris and Cory for their efforts in making Fleet 1 a success

We thank Lynn of Rollover for organizing the dinner again in 2015.

Best wishes for the 2015 sailing Season

The winter series was not decided until the last legs of the last race where Mottley managed to finish ahead of Queimada to take the series with a1 point advantage.

The final standings were; Mottley (6 points), Queimada (7 points), All Hall (9 points), Amandla (13 points), and Sea Spirit (19 points)

Complete details can be found at: www.jibeset.net/ourregatta.php?A00=yes&A11=yes&CLUB=GGYC

The first cruise for 2015 is a return trip to Petaluma on May 15-17, where we have had fun times before. This year we will be docked down town for the weekend celebration of American Graffiti Salute – www.americangraffiti.net

Ray Irvine, Crew’s Nest #1383

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