Fleet 1 About our Fleet


Activities for Cruisers

Each year, Fleet One organizes 3-4 family oriented destination cruises and raft ups. These typically include “social hour” gatherings, barbecues on shore, restaurant gatherings, Sunday brunches, local port tours of interest, and lots of yacht talk, yacht visiting and equipment comparisons. Our cruising destinations have included popular Angel Island, Tiburon, Sausalito, Benicia, Petaluma and other popular ports of call. The cruising skipper that is voted the “most active” each year wins the Fleet’s coveted “Cruiser of the Year” perpetual and keeper trophies. See Cruising for information regarding recent and upcoming cruises.

Activities for Racers

Each year Fleet One joins local yacht clubs and racing bodies as a one-design class to race their regattas. We have our own Fleet PHRF style handicapping system to insure that there is parity among the yachts to account for varying equipment configurations. This allows stock cruising equipped yachts to participate and be competitive. We present the Jack Frost series winner our “Racer of the Year” perpetual and keeper trophies as well. See Racing for more information.

Information for our Members

Fleet One publishes an extremely informative newsletter each month called News Letter It informs members about planned cruises, race schedules and results, new and used yacht equipment, problems and solutions, money saving tips and important news for owners. It includes a “want ads” section when needed. Periodically, it includes an updated roster of all members so they can stay in touch with each other. Each January, we hold one business meeting/social for members to network, hold officer elections, hear speakers and contribute to the operation of the Fleet.

How to Join the Fleet One …. NOW!

Our annual dues are $25.00. To take advantage of Fleet One membership, you can simply renew or become and member at: Membership. If you would like to learn more about our Fleet, or our latest activities, please feel free to contact Fleet One Captain Ray Irvine at C34IRVINE1383@COMCAST.NET.

Officers and Directors

Fleet Captain: Ray Irvine – Crew’s Nest
Vice Commodore: Lynn Guerra – Rollover
Treasurer: Ray Irvine – Crew’s Nest
Race Chairman: Chris Owen – Mottley
Cruise Chair: Rick Allen – Painkiller
Fleet 1 Webmaster: David Sanner – Queimada
Membership Chair: Ray Irvine
Telltale Editor: Ray Irvine

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