Fleet 14


Fleet 14 – Florida East Coast

Introduction to Fleet 14

Dear Catalina 34, 350, & 355 Owners,

We have formed Fleet 14 of the Catalina 34 International Association (C34IA) in South East Florida.  While our fleet will be open to all Catalina owners in our area, we are focusing on the Catalina 34 and its successors the Catalina 350 and 355.  At the launch of Fleet 14 – Florida East Coast, we had 14 “founding members.”  If you turn to the “About our fleet” page you can read more about the formation.  As the newest fleet, we are still growing rapidly.

Let me tell you about the new fleet we, with your help, have organized.  We all have a common interest in sailing and enjoying one of the finest yachts afloat.  While the foundation meeting of our fleet was held in August 2013, we still need you to help get us grow.  Fleet 14 is under the Catalina 34 International Association.  Our parent group is providing tremendous support, but it is owners like you that will get our fleet to the next level.

What do you need to join?  Just send Fleet Captain Paul Alcock an e.mail message (BritInUSAg1@gmail.com) that says: “Hey Paul, You can count me in!”  It costs nothing to join, but you must be a member of the C34IA.  The annual dues for the C34IA is $25.00.  We will put you on our database and include you in our discussions about the fleet.  You will receive a pack of information about the fleet and a one page survey pertaining to your interests. From our dialog we will tailor the fleet’s activities to the wants and desires of the members.

Fleet 14 will provide a forum for sharing experiences with your boat in several areas such as: maintenance, modifications, improvements, equipment sources, cruising locations, and racing tips.  This sharing will help us get the most enjoyment from our boats and keep our boats updated and the resale value at a premium.  We would like your participation, support, and suggestions.

I am the Fleet Captain.  Marc Wosar is the Vice Fleet Captain.  At the August meeting we voted in the  Fleet 14 Constitution and elected officers.  Our area, as our name suggests, is the east coast of Florida.  Our members live as far north as Orlando and as far south as Miami so that meetings will more than likely be in Boca Raton.  We are looking forward to meeting you and getting to know about you and your boat.  In the meantime feel free to contact me and ask me about the C34IA in general and Fleet 14 in particular.


Robert Schuldenfrei
Fleet Captain
Esprit du Vent #422

Date Last Changed:  10/17/16

Recruiting Poster for Fleet 14

This is the poster we plan to pin up in southeastern Florida sites frequented by sailors.  These are marinas, yacht clubs, dock-side restaurants, and facilities.  The “business card” in the lower right will be 10 lightweight cards that can be torn off and taken home.  These posters will begin to appear after the summer 2013 issue of Mainsail Magazine is in the hands of the readers.  This will give us plenty of time before our mid-August formation event to recruit fleet members.  If anyone has suggestions for this poster and other fleet formation ideas, please feel free to contact me.  We want this launch to be a huge success.  By taking our time we will be creating something of lasting value.


Our Parent Organization

The home page of the Catalina 34 International Association.