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Master Index

      February 1995 Vol 13 #1

      • An Electrifying Experience – Herb Gets Hit by Lightning
      • Head Drain
      • Counter removal #88 (see website for Al Watson’s (#55) removal procedure it CAN be done!!!)
      • Hurth transmission fluid level – neat sight gage
      • Short handed sailing – mainsail control
      • Battery charging

      May 1995 Vol 13 #2

      • More on Lightning
      • Midship cleats and other questions
      • Battery discharge
      • Fuel leak (from fuel hose at deck fitting)
      • Cockpit radio
      • Anchor roller (CR-1) (Ron’s with photo p 30)

      August 1995 Vol 13 #3

      • Wind Machine Installation
      • Changing Transmission Fluid, midship cleats
      • Portlight replacement (Beckson to Lewmar)
      • Starting problems
      • Overhead hatch squeal
      • Caulk caps
      • Fan belt size
      • Coolant hose replacement (less expensive from auto store Gates 7/16
      • Packing gland joints better at 45 than 90 degrees

      November 1995 Vol 13 #4

      • Refrigeration: Adler Barbour repairs electronic modules
      • Battery charging: another Balmar 75 amp installation, and wiring
      • Engine Maintenance: HX upgrade on M25 to M25XP larger exchanger
      • Electrical gremlins: check the ground wire, too
      • Interior mods, racing performance: V berth storage access with large door, teak head grate, aft cabin portlight in #639, photo of entertainment center over nav station (Gerald described this in writing on the website)