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Master Index

      February 2000 Vol 18 #1

      • Mixing Paint Without A Mess
      • When Was The Last Time You Checked Your Anti-Syphon Valves?
      • Flirting With Disaster
      • Getting The Captain’s Attention
      • Cold Winter Starting
      • Clear Propane Vents
      • Transducer Paint
      • Replacement Deck Fill Caps
      • Anchor Without Yelling
      • Improving Sink Drainage
      • Water Under The Aft Cabin
      • Cushions!
      • Paint Remover Removal
      • Enhancements To A 1999 MKII
      • Micrologic GPS Update
      • C-34 Cabin Heater
      • Difficulty Raising Mainsail
      • Venting trapped Heat
      • High Engine Temperature

      May 2000 Vol 18 #2

      • Fuel Hoses
      • Cleaning the Heat Exchangers
      • Changing Engine Coolant
      • Panel Light too Bright
      • Better Panel Voltmeter
      • Coolant Recovery System
      • Packing Gland Trick
      • Genoa Track Cleats – Garhauer Offer
      • Diesel Additives
      • Changing Engine Oil – Another Method
      • Heavy Duty Alternator Belt
      • Pull Line – Save your Stanchions
      • Panel Meter
      • Changing Engine Oil
      • Storage Under V-Berth
      • Changing the Packing Gland in the Water
      • New Filter Installation
      • Ground Fault Interrupter Circuit
      • Better Tasting Water
      • Engine Usage
      • Don’t Overtighten – Hump Hose to Muffler

      August 2000 Vol 18 #3

      • Passing the Torch – A Short Biography of Bill Nuttall
      • New Pleated Shades – home made
      • A Smile on my Face – treating the crack between the hull and the keel
      • What’s Ahead of the Head – adding a salt water inlet screen and a fresh water flush
      • Diesel Dialysis – on board fuel polishing/flushing system to prevent clogging.

      November 2000 Vol 18 #4

      • Changing Engine Mounts
      • Oil Recommendations
      • Water Heater Replacement
      • Accessing a Heat Exchanger Zinc on the C34 Mk II
      • Removing Twist from the Dutchman