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Master Index

      February 1993   Vol 11 #1

      • Dinette and anchor locker mods
      • Water damage: stanchions
      • Rigging tension and refrigeration, leaks; Automac reference
      • Second Time Around (#1200) reflections: large alternator, inverter, larger wheel, Max Prop, Lightning Chaser
      • Apache Modifications (#788): refrigeration, drip free packing, lazy jacks, loran repeater, propane, mainsail shackles, instrument lights for night time
      • Sweatshirts, Bedding
      • No Nonsense Improvements (#713): hinge frig lid, V berth drawers, box insulation, interior varnish, bow cleats and Beckson ports, city water inlet, Automac, packing box procedure, transmission fluid change procedure, halyard turning blocks, loran in cockpit
      • Hatch leak – well leak

      May 1993 Vol 11 #2

      • Sail Expo Tech Discussions: fuel pump after filter, remove strainer in fuel tank, stainless exhaust pipes, check anitsiphon valves, parts catalogs from Catalina, rudder leaks, Wire Harness Mod kit, tach dip switch settings, keel leading edge
      • Teak Handrails handholds
      • Folding and Feathering Props
      • Mast Tuning Revisited
      • Brass Towel Rails
      • Dodger

      August 1993 Vol 11 #3

      • Sliding Panels (wood veneer), wiring harness upgrade
      • Anchoring: avoid dreaded keel wrap (use a sentinel)

      November 1993 Vol 11 #4

      • Adjustable Genoa blocks
      • Stanchion leakage bedding procedure
      • Boat Handling
      • Engine Mounts, UV Protection: lag bolts AND mounting nuts should be checked
      • Garhauer Hardware – good guys again