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Author Topic: "101" Series - Quick Links to "Popular" Topics includes "Electrical Systems 101"  (Read 15790 times)

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Stu Jackson

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Over the past decade or more, "regular" topics come up repeatedly.  In developing responses to questions, many of us use the handy links to earlier discussions.  I've developed these "101" topics, which are groups of links to popular subjects and those discussions.  I'll leave this topic as a sticky, and add any new "101"s that may develop.  Many of them include links to other websites and message boards, since boat systems are not always boat-specific.

Critical Upgrades,5078.0.html

Electrical Systems 101,5977.0.html

Stereo Systems 101,5807.0.html  and

Alternator Belt Tensioning Tool,3667.0.html

Ammeters & Shunts 101,6032.0.html

Bed-It Butyl Tape 101,8046.0.html

Solar 101 (by Maine Sail)

Solar 101.1  another very good resource

Docking 101,6379.0.html  [includes a link in Reply #1 to a very good single handed topic]

Single Handing 101,5445.0.html

Single Handing 101.1  Midship Cleats Pictures,4921.0.html

Single Handing 101.2 HOPPING OFF THE BOAT IS UNNECESSARY,5445.msg33766.html#msg33766

Bleeding 101,6377.0.html

Fuel Polishing 101 (thanks again to Maine Sail)

Transmission Fluid 101,6417.0.html

Head Replacement 101 - Installation of PHII Head,3797.0.html

Peggie Hall's Top Ten Hits

Head Odors 101,5755.0.html

Head Odors 101.1 - "T" into sink drain:,5755.msg38216.html#msg38216

Head Leaks and Vented Loops 101.1.a,5865.0.html

Head Odors 101.2  The Difference between KO & Odorlos  (scroll up to Reply #2)

Head Odors 101.3  Flix of New Vent,8185.msg57288.html#msg57288

Head Hoses 101,5738.0.html

Head Pumps 101  Why just pouring water into the bowl is NOT a good idea,5865.msg40604.html#msg40604

Fresh Water System Recommissioning 101 - Peggie Hall's "Cocktail" Rotten Egg Odor,5836.0.html

Fuel Filtration 101 (with both primary Racor and secondary engine filter identification),1124.0.html and,6475.0.html

Fuel Pumps 101 including Flix of Napa Fuel Pumps,2515.0.html

Fuel Log 101,3841.msg21571.html#msg21571

Anchoring 101,2705.0.html

Anchor Selection 101  includes good discussions of various system selections and pictures of new generation anchors on bowsprits both short and extended,4457.0.html

Why NEW GEN Anchors are Better:,2705.msg19651.html#msg19651

Anchor System Sizing Tables (Reply #6) & Why Swivels are a bad idea,4990.msg30400.html#msg30400

Anchor Retrieval 101 Singlehanded (with link to picture of "winchlass" in Reply #4),5064.0.html

Engine Overheating 101 - How to Burp Your Engine (Reply #6),4518.msg26462.html#msg26462

Oberdorfer Pump Rebuild 101 -,6766.0.html [Link added to main page of C34 Tech wiki]

Repacking a Stuffing Box 101 - by Maine Sail:  There are also lots of articles in the C34 Tech wiki.

Winterizing an Engine on the Hard (Thanks to Maine Sail) - NEVER connect a hose to your raw water pump inlet - NEVER!!!

Heat Exchangers 101:  Sources for replacement  Good Guys at Sendure,6920.0.html

Posting Photos 101,3701.0.html

Beckson Portlights 101 ("removal tool" with pictures and guides for sealants),3241.0.html

Engine Manuals Online 101,7259.0.html

Why External Strainers are a Bad Idea 101 (Maine Sail)

Boat Surveying 101

Electric Fuel Pumps 101

Universal M-25 & M25XP Alternator Bracket Upgrade & Alignment 101 IMPORTANT,7917.0.html

Alternator Bracket Adjusting Arm Failure (w/pictures) - Check Engine When Running,7398.0.html

Fridges 101 (Adler Barbour Repairs & Troubleshooting from Richard Kollmann),6956.0.html

Fridge Follies 101 - to prove that Richard is right and that 99% of fridge issues are electrical,3044.0.html

Thermostats 101,3212.0.html

Engines 101 - The BIGGEST & BEST collection of M25 Series Universal Engine Information on the Internet, plus some M35, too  :)

Depco Pump Contacts

Hitachi Alternators 101  This comes up so often on other boating forums...

Leaking Portlights 101 - good links from this forum,6511.0.html

Rebedding a Keel Stub 101  The Catalina Smile with Pictures,6842.0.html

Lift Supports 101 (gas struts)

Swim Platforms 101,7415.0.html

Refrigeration 101 - link to Richard Kollmann's website

Spares for a Long Cruise,4590.0.html

Ocean Sailing a C34,4533.0.html

Countertop Replacement - faux finishes - see the link in Reply #3

Dodgers & Canvas 101  thanks to Maine Sail,8640.msg61526.html#msg61526

Winterizing 101

Radar AIS and Fog 101

Remote Oil Filter 101 - Details from Maine Sail

Water Heater Hose Replacement 101 - Under the galley sole,3769.msg21253.html#msg21253

Chainplate Rebedding 101 - with Bed It with Butyl from Maine Sail,7265.msg49430.html#msg49430

Cruising 101 - Dan Harrington's weal sea does the Erie C anal and the Bahamas

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