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 on: Today at 04:26:12 AM 
Started by anaisdog - Last post by Sue Clancy
Catalina direct has these. I had replaced this on our 87.

 on: Yesterday at 03:15:02 PM 
Started by mdidomenico - Last post by mdidomenico
has anyone had their blower vent cowlings re chromed or polished up.  not sure what the coat is on mine, but they're looking a little ragged.  the silver is coming off where the hose attaches and the part above the deck is a little pitted.  i was going to take them to a metal re-finishing place here in NJ, but it's a shot in the dark since i've never had to do this before.  any suggestions welcome.

i looked at just getting new ones.  which are cheap at $40 each, but the bottom plates of the new ones are all plastic, which i don't like. 

 on: Yesterday at 03:12:08 PM 
Started by mdidomenico - Last post by mdidomenico
finally got around to pulling the fiberglass insulation off the exhaust header...  good thing I pulled it all apart for replacement.  I would suggest anyone with a vintage boat check their exhaust system

 on: Yesterday at 08:37:37 AM 
Started by John Langford - Last post by John Langford
I did burp it and it also burped itself by spraying water everywhere😬😬😬

 on: Yesterday at 08:18:47 AM 
Started by John Langford - Last post by Roc
There could have been some debris between the carbon and SS surfaces.  That will not give good contact.  Burping it would clear that up.

 on: Yesterday at 08:14:47 AM 
Started by John Langford - Last post by John Langford
Thanks for comments so far. Looking over my post I note that it wasn’t clear about the question which is: would the engine move forward on its mounts MORE at the dock than when underway. This matters only if you have a shaft seal because the stainless steel donut fitting on the shaft would move forward with the engine thereby reducing the tightness of the connection between the graphite face and the donut.

In my case, I am virtually certain this was the case since the shaft seal sprayed water at the dock but has never done so underway. The explanation might be that the engine places more forward stress on the mounts at the dock because the pressure of the prop pushing the boat forward is not offset by the boat actually moving forward.

 on: Yesterday at 07:15:25 AM 
Started by patrice - Last post by KWKloeber

I checked and Wb does show the m25/xp/xpa to have a different water pump p/n than for the m36/a.  Here's the v1200 page (that block was used on the B9200 tractor, among others.)

I'll try to upload the complete Kb engine parts manual as I have time.

 on: Yesterday at 06:27:54 AM 
Started by patrice - Last post by rmbrown
There's some good stuff there to be sure, but I must be going blind... all I see is Kubota block 850 and 950 stuff.  I'm pretty sure that the M35A is a V-1200 block but when I chased that down further to water pump p/n, I got conficting info.  I guess this will be a two (at least) trip repair and I'll have to pull it out before I order.


 on: Yesterday at 06:10:03 AM 
Started by Joyride - Last post by MarcZ
That type of jammer has superior holding power when compared to cam block and it looks "cleaner" too  8)
For me downside of that solution was that either variant of the jammer block (spring-loaded or not) still requires foot and hand or both hands to operate in controlled fashion .

 on: Yesterday at 05:13:58 AM 
Started by Joyride - Last post by Jim Hardesty
Garhauer actually has that option and will fit the same OEM holes

Wish I'd known that.  Would have saved me some work.  IMHO think it's the way to go.

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