New Application/Renewal Form

   We have changed the form somewhat for joining the Catalina 34 International Association. The old form was in the format of an e-mail sent to our C34IA Secretary, and a notice to send the completed form and a check or money order to C34 Secretary.

It seems it was not a workable solution. Some members did not understand that there was still a need to print the form and send it with a check or money order to the C34IA Secretary. The e-mail to our Secretary was just an advance notification of the forthcoming application. The e-mail notification to the C34 secretary has been eliminated to prevent confusion.

We now have a new application form and it is in an Adobe PDF format.  Renewal members or future members should fill in the new form on-line, print it out, and mail it together with a check for either $25 US (1 year) or $45 US (2 years) to C34 Secretary. The complete mailing address is on the form.

We have chosen PayPal as our secure online payment processor to process a C34IA application/renewal payment online with a credit card. PayPal  has an easy to use purchasing solution with very low costs for processing. A PayPal account is not required to join.


Additionally, the C34IA would like to make it clear that registering for a login on the C34 MESSAGE BOARD/FORUM has nothing at all to do with joining and paying dues to the C34IA. Anyone can register for the Message board. There is no dues requirement for that component of the C34IA. However, the C34IA does encourage all C34 owners to become dues paying members in support of the Catalina 34 International Association.


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