Fleet 13 – The Lucky Owners of Catalina 34 Boats

The Catalina 34 International Association is open to all current owners of a Catalina 34 sailing boat. There are 4 active Fleets around the USA of which one is Fleet 13. This Fleet is based on Lake Lanier, about 45 miles NE of Atlanta and totally land locked. The Fleet consists of Catalina 34’s and a number of other boats that joined the Fleet for social activities. Catalina provides some monies to each Fleet based on the number of Catalina 34 boats within each Fleet. Non-Catalina boats are ineligible for any Fleet income from Catalina.

The two membership types in Fleet 13 are:

  1. full members who each own a Catalina 34 (these are all eligible for an annual donation from Catalina Yachts towards annual activities);
  2. associate members who own other types of sailing boats and who help in prolonging and invigorating Fleet 13 and its activities (these are  not eligible for any  donations from Catalina Yachts). But they certainly add to the social activities plus plus!!

Scarlett’s Way

Dottie and Griff Ransom


Norman and Lois Plotkin

Water Baby

Tom and Margaret Danforth

Ocean Fox

Harry and Madelon Dickerson

Lady Di

Jim and Dianne Price

Pretty Girl

Chris and Jennifer Wolcott