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It makes me sad to post this, but it needs to be done. :cry4`  We are selling our lovely boat, Autumn Wind.  She is currently in San Diego after our year long cruise from San Francisco to Mexico and back.  As you can imagine she is decked out with everything you need to live aboard and cruise Mexico and or the channel islands in comfort and safety.  We put a LOT of cash into her just a year ago in order to get ready for our trip, so all of the important gear is basically brand new.  You can check out the listing on Yacht world for all the specs, and give me an e-mail if you want to know the inside scoop on everything she has.  While there is so much more to her than this, I know everyone wants to know that she has the all important walk thru transom and swim step on the MKI hull shape,  super nice for getting into the dingy, showering, landing fish, etc... Even the listing in Yachtworld doesn't do her justice.  We have loved out time in Mexico and the C-34 is a great boat for Mexico cruising.  Now it's time to get back to the real life and plan for our next trip.  

Our blog:

The listing:

e-mail:  plautzkline (at) gmail (dot) com

If you have ever thought of cruising Mexico, spending a week at Catalina Island or anything in between, this is a great way to do it without all the hassle of refitting your boat.  We hope she goes to someone who will use her and love her like we have.

Main Message Board / Engine will not start, could use advice quickly
« on: August 31, 2012, 06:49:11 PM »
Here's a good one for everyone.  We are anchored in Tomales Bay right now and for some reason can not get our engine to start.  That's wgy we could use the advice quickly. 
It is the m35.  Symptoms are that it cranks fine, so we believe the batteries are not the issue.  When keynis turned to the glow plug position the alarm continues to beep.  Usually it only beeps when the key is in the "on" position but then stoppes while you are warming the glow plugs.  The fuel pump (i think) it is the little cyclinder thing on the back of the engine that normally clicks while you are glow plugging is not clicking during the glow plugging right now.  So maybe this is the issue?  i haveconfirmed power to it.  I have confirmed power out of the switch at the panel for both the fuel pump and the glow plug wires.  I have been UNABLE to confirm power to the glow plugs. I may not be doing it correctly?  I feel it is a glow plug issue.  Can you feel them get warm when they are hot?  What would be preventing them from getting power?  Are they connected to the fuel pump somehow, is this system interconnected?  Any help would be great especially quickly. :cry4`

Ps our phone number in 775-842-4523 if you want to call.  Thanks

Main Message Board / How's your dinghy fit?
« on: March 12, 2012, 01:12:47 PM »
I'm looking for some opinions about how well the SB-310 dinghy from WM would fit on the bow.  Ideally I'd opt for the SB-275 but we found a good deal on the 310.  I'm a little concerened about the length.  The specs say it's 10'-2", but that includes the tubes past the transom.  I figure we would snug it up to the mast upside down on the bow.  Does this leave you enough room to play with the anchor with the anchor locker open?  Would love to hear from anyone who has a 10'-2" dinghy.  How's it work for you?  Pics would be great if you have them!

Main Message Board / Reefing advice needed
« on: November 29, 2011, 08:30:55 AM »
I've recently been trying to make my reefing system easier to use while attempting to use the systems I have and to also maintain an effective sail shape once reefed.  I don't seem to be making much progress and would like to see if anyone has any advice.  I ultimately would like to have 2 reefs ready to use lead back to the cockpit.

Currently I have a single line reefing system.  The system uses blocks at the tack and clew cringle and the line passes inside the boom, exiting the top of the boom front and back.  (Exactly as shown in the wiki for single line reefing)  The issue I have is that once the reef is in, it is very difficult to shake it back out under sail.  It seems that the chafe point shown in the wiki (line exiting the boom forward thru tack block) makes it almost impossible to raise the halyard and sail.  I end up having to grab the line exiting the boom aft and pulling the reef line thru by hand and then raising the halyard.  While this works, its somewhat precarious hanging onto the boom under sail pulling the line out with no one at the helm.

I then tried running the single reef line thru the cringles without the blocks.  This simply created too much friction to shake out, but did create a nicer sail shape and was fairly easy to set.

I understand the double line reefing system, but my boom is set up to use a single line system and and I would like to avoid adding all of the external blocks and eyelets on the boom for the clew line and turning blocks and stoppers to get all the lines back to the cockpit.

What have people done to make their single line systems work better?  Is double line reefing the only "real" way to make this all work effectively?  Is it difficult for everyone to shake out their reefs and I'm just whining?  Any thoughts on system improvements, line type, block type/placement etc... would be appreciated.  Thanks everyone!

Main Message Board / Front Hatch Specs for screen fitting
« on: May 24, 2011, 02:31:45 PM »
I am looking to install the screen trim kit from Lewmar on the front hatch.  Problem is I can't seem to figure out what the dimensions/size of the front hatch are. :cry4` Can someone help me out with a size number or reference to the hatch and/or screen trim kit.  It is on a '95, and is the Lewmar trapezoidal shaped hatch.  Thanks

Fleet 1 / Trip to Half Moon Bay - Oct 29 - Oct 31
« on: October 20, 2010, 12:30:13 PM »
We are thinking about taking a trip to HMB over Halloween weekend.  Leaving Fri Oct 29 and probably retuning Sun Oct 31.  We would love to have the company of another boat if anyone would like to join us.  Let me know and I can give you contact #'s etc...

Main Message Board / That hard spot to reach
« on: April 23, 2010, 01:29:14 PM »
Yea, I know there's a bunch of them, but here's the one that's bothering me right now.  Some how the handle for the head intake thru hull valve managed to break off.  The handle still functions fine to open and close the valve, but there is no retaining clip or whatever to hold it on the valve.  Last weekend it dislodged itself while someone was trying to open the valve while underway and it slipped off, fell to the floor inside the cabinet and disappeared forever.  I think it's under the floor in the head area and would like to retrieve it since it still works, replacing the thru hull while in the water seems difficult if not impossible, and using vice grips to open and close the valve could get old in a hurry.  I can not see it using a mirror, can't reach it etc... Where does this area go and how can I access it? Will my handle eventually make its way into the aft bilge compartment or is this the black hole of the C34?  Any thoughts?

While on the subject, is there any way to retrieve lost screws from behind the electric panel?  Does this cavity exit anywhere? 

Main Message Board / Mainsail Roach
« on: April 23, 2010, 01:11:29 PM »
After spending a nice day at the Strictly Sail boat show in Oakland last weekend, I now know where to spend the rest of my life's savings..No lack of options there!
More to the subject...We are looking to replace our mainsail and received various quotes at the show.  Interestingly the size quoted varies quite a bit from loft to loft.  We really like the people at Doyle, their price was competitive, they offered to come to the boat and set up the new sail, support if anything happened and they are close by.  They quoted us a sail that was 275 SF.  That's 20% bigger than OEM.  I'm assuming the added size comes from increasing the roach of the sail.  What are peoples thoughts on this issue?  Is that too much sail?  Will we always be reefing earlier than before?  Also, we run a Dutchman system and I'm not sure if the toping lift/Dutchman system will be compatable with a larger roach on the main sail.  Any thoughts would be helpfull in our decision process.  Thanks

Main Message Board / Is my C34 a 1995?
« on: October 18, 2009, 04:59:30 PM »
The hull number of our C34 is CTYP1292G495.  Is this a '94 or a '95?  We recently read on the website that there were only (2) 95's but it appears ours may be a third.  Any thoughts?

Fleet 1 / Bottom Paint & Zincs
« on: August 10, 2009, 09:14:21 PM »
Many thanks to Stu for the advice on moving our boat from Santa Cruz.  The trip went great and we are now finally settled in Alameda.  Now it's time for some terribly overdue maintenance.  We need to paint our hull in a bad way (It's been about 5 years from what we can tell)  Also we need to line up a bottom cleaner / zinc changer.  We anticipate a haulout every 2 years, but need to start somewhere.   So here are the questions?
1.  Are there any strong opinions about where to haul the boat and have it painted?  Prices vs quality work. (Does anyone do this themselves, any place that lets you do it yourself?)
2.  What types, number of coats etc. do most people use in the Bay?
3.  How often do most people have the bottom scrubbed and zincs checked/changed? (assuming you have a 2 year haul and paint schedule)
4.  Who do you use to scrub you bottom/change zincs?
There seem to be an endless number of options in Latitude 38 for boat yards, so curious about the good and bad experiences out there.
We've already had a couple of great weekends on the bay and are looking forward to many more. 
Thanks for any advice.   :D

Fleet 1 / Advice on Moving a boat
« on: June 23, 2009, 12:53:02 PM »
It appears I may soon be the new owner of a C34.   :clap  The only problem is that it is currently located in Santa Cruz and we would like to move it to the SF bay area.  I'm looking for advice on movng her up the coast.  I have no west coast open ocean experience, and only some experience in the bay.  That in mind, I believe I should find some help to move the boat.  Does anyone know of a good source to help me with the move?   Thanks for any advice, names or suggestions that may help.  Hopefully I will be a part of the Bay area sailing scene soon!

Main Message Board / C34 and C36 Comparison
« on: May 26, 2009, 12:51:49 PM »
Hello all.  I'm sure this topic has been addressed before, but here it is anyway.  What are people's thoughts on the benefits and down falls of either boat? 
Our Specifics:  Budget of 80K, predominantly weekend sailing in SF Bay area with potential extended trip to Mexico in some years.  Our budget seems to put us in the mid 90's era for both sizes.  Is stretching the budget for the MKII model something that should be considered for either boat.  If so what are the benefits?
I have read the many praises of the c34 on this site and am curious what more you get with the c36.  Thanks for any insight.

PS Are there any good "for sale" resources for these boats in the SF Bay area that I should know about?

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