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First NameLast NameHull NumberBoat NameModel YearStateRigKeel
Lisa Gentile 179 Gambit 1986 CA Standard Fin
Keith & Wendy Martinsen 1545 WALKABOUT 2001 BC Standard Fin
Tyler Winders 1041 Annie C 1990 SC Tall Wing
Adam Phillips 1115 Rising Sun 1991 VA Standard Wing
Jon Windt 493 Della Jean 1987 CA Standard Fin
Carlos Simmerling 148 Natterling 1986 NY Standard Fin
John McDonald 870 Quiet Theropy 1989 Califorina Standard Fin
Russell & Lindsay Kirkegaard 154 Peacemaker 1986 WA Standard Fin
Robert Henderson 0358 Kaos 1987 Michigan Tall Fin
Andrew Smith 120 Pier Pressure 1986 Ca Standard Fin

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