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2018 C34 Fleet 12 Raft Up Schedule Rev 1 Pdf

C34 Fleet 12 Guide to Cruising Rev 1 (pdf)


Fleet 12 Members,

We had another great raft up this weekend (5/11/18 – 5/12/18) in Eagle Cove with “Bay Tripper” as the anchor boat with Blue Horizon and First Point of Aries rafted along side.   We enjoyed many good sea stories.   See the attached picture on the host boat “Blue Horizon”.
We have been fortunate in the weather for these first two raft ups.   In the raft up on 4/28/18 in Harness Creek, since our marinas were close by, we departed before sunset to avoid chilly temperatures that night  and high winds the next day.   Although it was windy with 3 foot waves coming out of the South River heading back to the West River, it was worse on Sunday.
This last weekend it was fortunate that we held the raft up early (Friday 5/11/18 to Saturday 5/12/18) to avoid the forecast storms.  The thunderstorm we experienced on Saturday night after we returned to the marina would not have been pleasant at anchor.
I hope to see everyone in future gatherings and raft ups.
David Schreder
S/V Blue Horizon (1574)
Fleet 12 Captain


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