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I have a seaward s600-120 that is 13x13x16, leaking badly do I want to replace it with the same model which is, unfortunately, 14x14. The hatch hole is 14.25. Can I squeeze the old out and new in by the hatch?  Or who makes a smaller unit?  Thanks. Kerk
Main Message Board / Re: old silicone removal?
May 22, 2018, 04:57:42 AM
Thanks for the comments.  Im going with a combo: debond, rubbing, and brushing.

Jon, did you find that the 4 oz (aerosol or pump?) was enough to have on board, or 12 oz?

Ron and Paul, I can see a wire brush on rough fiberglass (inside the hull) but on the gelcoat?? Doesn't it scratch the surface?

Thanks, Kerk
Main Message Board / old silicone removal?
May 18, 2018, 12:05:08 PM
3M Adhesive Remover, Debond 2000, DSR-5, Goo Gone, West Marine Adhesive Remover, Mr Clean magic Eraser, the list goes on....and on.  Ugh. So many options and expensive at that, does anyone know what really works to take old silicone off gelcote and fiberglass.  If I were to buy one of these or something else what would it be? An age old problem I know..... Thanks, Kerk
Thanks for your thoughts.  I've spoken with Len in the Parts Dept and he feels he won't be able to be of much help

Who is Warren?

Do you know what the thickness of the hull is at this point?

Ugh.  I wish I were closer!

Thanks, Kerk
The plastic mushroom head of our anchor locker drain Through hull broke off.  I am 600 miles from our boat and want to purchase the part and caulking before I go up to save time. 

1.Does anyone know the make and # of the Through hull?

2.  What is best caulk to re bed the new piece?  Do I apply a bead, let it set up over night, then apply the Through hull?

3.  The old Through hull was applied with silicone.  Ugh.  Anything new out there to to rid the area of this troublesome material?

Thanks, Kerk Fisher.  Into the Mystic II,  1990, Hull#1102
Thanks for all these fabulous suggestions. I hope these ideas have been helpful for others as well.  Kerk
My wife and I have been sailing for over 25 years in Canada's North Channel and in the last couple of years my wife has been developing difficulty walking up and down stairs and ladders. It's also difficult supporting herself with arms/hands-- a little is possible, but not preferable.  Any thoughts in making companionway stairs and swim ladder easier to negotiate.  We have an open transom. We want to sail til the end of our days!  Thanks, Kerk
Thanks to all. Ron, the article was helpful.  Dave and Kathy, keep your eyes open for us and we'll listen for you on the Cruisers net.  Thanks Stu.  Kerk
Thanks, Ron.  I tried to see your 2009 article but each time I went to the site it didn't let me in, with the popup "The user name or password you entered for was incorrect. Make sure you're entering them correctly, and then try again."  The user name and password I used for Tech notes is the same I use to get into the main login.  Top left says " Hello kerk fisher.  I wrote to the treasurer (figuring he dealt with membership) and haven't heard a reply.. Can you help?  I'd love to see your article.d  Thanks, Kerk
Q1:  I'm very far from "into the Mystic."  What is the diameter of the pedestal guard tube?

Q:  Any ideas on how to buy/create a Garmin 741 mount that will both rotate AND move around the Pedestal guard tubing from vertical side to the center of the rounded top?  Haven't found one online...

Thanks, Kerk
Main Message Board / Re: sail slide size
June 08, 2016, 04:51:36 AM
Thanks for response.  A clarification please. There's a big difference between an A6 and an A009 slide( I assume these are Bainbridge slides)  The A009 is close to 7/8 (which seems wide) and the A6 closer to 6/8.  The ones on my boat now are 5/8.  What's the best size?  Thanks
Main Message Board / sail slide size
June 03, 2016, 11:19:17 AM
 Does anyone know if the 5/8 sail slides by Bainbridge (sold at west marine, downwindmarine, etc) are exactly 5/8 and the right ones.  Last year I popped two slides in a rogue gust and had two 5/8 slides delivered by a marina and they were more like 9/16, a bit too small for my comfort--they look as if they might pop out of the track.  They worked to finish the season but need to be replaced.  Thanks, Kerk 1990, #1102
Main Message Board / Re: Bottom paint question
June 18, 2014, 04:39:09 AM
Thanks for all the help. Last question before I take off for the great lakes.  Which DIAMETER foam roller cover is best.   I"ve seen a the good quality THIN mini roller cover cover (solvent resistent) and the Standard  size Seafit or West System cover.  THANKS
Main Message Board / Re: Bottom paint question
June 17, 2014, 11:48:46 AM
What size foam roller?  I've seen them 4" and 6".  Do I have to work fast so I"m always painting/overlapping a wet edge? Is there a danger of rolling and picking up what I just rolled? ( I read something about this but forgot where it was) I"ve painted lots of house walls but never the bottom of the boat.  I read a great suggestion of putting the paint and powder in a 2 liter pop bottle, shake it up, and pour it out a little of a time. Wife on the bottle, me on the roller. VC-17 does not dissolve the bottle; it can even be kept there for the next season's roll on.
Ron, makes sense to do the skeg.  What does "Then measure the distance at the top of the rudder to the hull indentation at the top and then at the bottom of the hull indentation." mean?  Where are the bottom and top indentations.  This was a brand new reconfigured rudder in 1995 when we bought the boat. We bought it because the rudder it came with was water logged. I"ll look your article up nonetheless. Thanks