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We want to buy a windlass for our new 1990 34' purchase. Some questions:
1. I noticed that some boats that I've seen pictured have only a drum/capstan. Is it possible a chain can be pulled up without a gypsy?
2.  I've gathered that a vertical is better than horizontal? Big difference? Is it worth it to go vertical?
3.  What makes and models do people like and what to avoid? What's the best source for good prices?
4. I have an unused anchor line from our 25', but it's only 9/16.  Seems small. What line and chain size do you recommend?
5. Do you recommend a separate 12v battery for the windlass? Where do you put it? What else would that battery power? Boat was bought with 1 12 v starting and 2 6v house. What beefing up is suggested?

We are new 34 owners and this website is fabulous.  My wife and I would be lost without all your help!!! Thanks, thanks, thanks.  Kerk and Freddie
Main Message Board / surveyor at fault? HELP!
January 16, 2005, 05:50:35 PM
Thanks, Ron.l  the problem is that the second survey agreed with the yard that the moisture is much more extensive and it's not just 9 blisters. If we'd known the extent of the damage we would have gotten a better price for the boat. Sounds to me as if the first surveyor didn't do his job. Anyone ever sued, or found a better way to deal with this? Kerk
Main Message Board / surveyor at fault? HELP!
January 16, 2005, 02:16:19 PM
Based on a Dec. 15 survey by a SAMS surveyor of a 1990 34', which reported 9 new blisters on hull and several small on rudder and 9 previous blister repairs, with recommendations to grind out active and previous blisters and make necessary repairs as required (and a verbal recommendation that all we needed to do repair the new blisters, regelcoat/barrier and paint to the tune of maybe $1600, we bought the boat.  A month later, after problems with the bottom were discoverd at Torresen's Marine in Muskegon, MI, the first surveyor hired another SAMS surveyor to resurvey the bottom.  The second survey found the previous repairs were done with a polyester filling compound (improper repair material)with no gelcoat or barrier coat, extensive wet and very wet readings in the laminate, delamination and apparent separation in places. Recommendation to peel down to first layer of laminate, and further for severe delamination areas to the tune of $10000 or more.  The first surveyor who is concerned, respectable, but I believe feels there is nothing he can or should do. He does not have E and O insurance, only liability. Does liability cover accidental misreading of problems.  This is a costly miss on the surveyor's part and we feel he should shoulder some of the the additional cost.  How could he do this? Any ideas?
this is a 1990 model. And yes, we've purchased the boat already. 400 blisters! What did you do with them?  On my boat the blisters don't seem to be the problem as much as the previous repairs that might have been done over wet fiberglass and so the moisture has seeped along. How much moisture on a meter would be OK?
After months of searching we found a boat we were very happy with and had it surveyed. I asked the surveyor to look at the bottom especially as the owner said that there were blisters.  He did and reported about 7 active blisters and previous blister work.  He did not feel that it needed peeling but just repair the individual blisters because there were so few. We had it shipped up to Torreson's Marine in Muskegon, MI and they were agast. Said it was the worse bottom they had ever seen, ever, and that with a meter they discovered that the bottom was soaking wet. (Maybe previous repairs were done over wet.Moisture is into the fiberglass and maybe laminate. !0,000$ or more.  Anybody ever have this experience and anything I can do, except cough up the repair?
Main Message Board / wing keel/tall rig combo OK?
December 03, 2004, 04:38:30 AM
Looking for a new boat the question of a wing keel/tall rig combo has come up. One says not a good idea, another says the tall actually helps the winged boat point.  Another says not a problem at all, you'd never notice it for cruising. We sail in the North Channel. Any opinions? Kerk
We'll be sailing in the North Channel of Lake Huron. Sometimes light, sometimes Heavy.  Kerk
As we hone in on a couple of boats to buy we've been thinking that the tall rig may be too much sail for us (coming from a 25'). But as I begain figuring, it's only about 36 sq. ft of more sail. Does it make much difference? Do you think it would be noticeable?  Is the boom lower with a tall rig?  Or is the only difference (as suggested in an earlier forum discussion) in the price of new sails? Thanks for all your thoughts and help in this forum!  Kerk
Main Message Board / keel cooler good or bad?
November 08, 2004, 03:15:48 AM
I should also say that we'd be sailing in the North Channel of Lake Huron.  Seems to be a pretty good boat.  it's just the keel cooler that's a concern.  A big one or not?
Main Message Board / keel cooler good or bad?
November 08, 2004, 03:13:55 AM
The keel cooler is for the frig. It's a 92, a salt water boat in Mississippi. Thanks for all the help.  Kerk
Main Message Board / keel cooler good or bad?
November 04, 2004, 03:10:39 PM
I hadn't heard of one either until I put in "keel cooler" into Google and searched.  Apparently it's piping that goes outside the boat that cools freon with water rather than air.   Kerk
Main Message Board / keel cooler good or bad?
November 04, 2004, 01:56:16 PM
We are considering a cat 34 with a keel cooler.  We are dubious.  Anyone have experiences pro or con with these?  Thanks, Kerk
Main Message Board / yanmar or universal best?
October 12, 2004, 05:29:47 PM
We are looking at boats in the 90-93 range to buy and are wondering what experiences people have had with the universal or yanmar engine and what people think is the best?  Thanks, Kerk