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Yeah Jon I totally borrowed your vented loop idea and already ran the loop and hoses. 
My original was 1.5" with same size hull outlet so that was my driver in selection of hose and pump - all 1.5"

Your main panel looks different than mine, perhaps it's been upgraded.  Mine from 1987 doest look like it will accept a modular replacement.  So I think I will have to cut a hold fir the 3way Rule rocker switch that I bought.

If I do locate near the panel do I get power and ground from the panel area or the battery compartment?
I think I saw yours Jon but I will take another loOK.  This will be my only pump.

BTW, the 3 way is fused.  Will I need an additional fuse.
Looking to install a new Rule 3800 bilge pump with a Float switch and a 3way auto/manual/off switch to replace the existing toggle on/off switch at the main panel,

My question is where is the best place to install the 3way switch?  Logically it could go somewhere near the existing control panel at the nav station adjacent to all other switches.  Another option is to put it just above the door access panel to the water heater.  My thought on this is that it is a short run to the battery and simple to snake.  But then would I want to add a bus to the battery area for ease of this and future connections?  Not sure hooking to a terminal directly is best practice.

If I were to locate it near the control panel would I just get power from where it goes into the A/British switch (from the batteries)?

Note:  I'm a total newbie at this stuff and trying to learn as much as I can from  previous postings so please bear with my ignorance.  It will be my first wiring job toward an eventual system and battery capacity upgrade in a year or two.

Main Message Board / Re: #697 comes out of hiding
September 05, 2016, 11:30:49 AM
Thanks Guys!

Ron, I was just reading your post this morning about DIY lazy jacks.  I just might have to give that a try.

Main Message Board / #697 comes out of hiding
September 05, 2016, 05:07:48 AM
New owners here!  1988 MKI Std rig, Fin keel - Hull #697

It's our first sailboat and we are looking forward to the challenge along with the help from this fine site.  Our primary cruising grounds will be Narragansett Bay and some day beyond..

The boat was owned by the previous owners for 24 years with good maintenance but very little in the way of upgrades.  We've read 101 and looks like we have some fun, cold weather projects ahead..

Here is a pic of the keel provided by the seller - hard to tell really from this pic but it sure ain't smooth.  I have yet to see myself as the boat is in water nor have I asked how the pic was obtained.  From what I know, he bought it wholesale from a dealer who took it in trade.
  You offer great wisdom.  We took the ASA 101 together and plan on doing the 103 as well.  Coincidentally, my partner and I spent Sunday on a very tender Hunter 23 in 10-15 knot winds and lets just say that at times it was challenging (including when we grounded on the sandbar) and come Monday my hands and back were pretty sore from fighting the tiller.  Our tacks were messy and our verbal exchanges reminded me of watching my parents when they used to hang wallpaper.  Not good.  By day's end we both had enough of sailing.  I "may" have uttered on the drive home, "There is no way I'm buying that C34".  Ahh, but a few days later I am back.  We are actually thinking of going out on a C 320 this weekend with a friend to get some big boat experience and smooth out the poor expereince of last weekend.
Yes, thanks.  I have been reading the critical upgrades.  Great stuff.  Love this community!

And it is a winged keel which works well for me in the Florida Intracoastal Waterway.  If I get the time and or cajones to go to the Bahamas I'm sure it will work well there as well and everywhere in between.. :0

I can't ask anyone at the dock because the boat was only recently moved there from another part of the state where it was taken in trade.  One small rub in the ointment I think is with the keel.  The seller pointed out that there was a prior repair to the front of the keel and showed me pictures of what he feels was a bit of a messy repair job.  This is a bit of a red flag for me as supposedly the boat had a bottom job just over 6 months ago and I would have assumed the prev owner would have maintained the keel to the same level of excellence as the exterior, interior, and topsides which doesn't seem to be the case.  Obviously, it was run aground.  So, if I do go forward I will definitely have it pulled, inspected and have the surveyor make sure that there are no add'l keel or external\internal structural damage. 

Looking into costs of insurance, docking, etc. now as well
Thanks for the input and encouragement so far.  About 10 years ago I did something similar and bought the biggest Harley made without ever owning one.  Lot's of folks recommended otherwise.  But thankfully I had a good friend and teacher to ride with.  Never was a problem, and obviously I'm still living to tell about it. ;) Living in FL though a boat just makes more sense to me and fulfills another long time dream.  Also, though not exactly alike, boat systems are a lot similar to RV systems and I've owned one for 20 years so I imagine that will give me a bit of a head start.  I guess my only fear right now is pulling the trigger on price but I seem to be overcoming that.  again, thanks for the encouragement.
Firstly, thanks in advance for reading and helping.

I am seriously contemplating purchasing a 1988 Catalina 34.  I have looked at a number of 30's and have looked at my first 34 and I think she may be the one.  However, I have not shopped around too much and want to make sure I don't make a rash decision.

The seller (quasi broker\wholesaler) wants $33K.  The condition inside and out is excellent.  Finish is great, standing rigging good, some new running rigging and new traveler, newer cushions, new bimini, outside teak all refinished, rails sparkling, 16,000 btu marine A/C, macerator.  Electronics are VHF, a Garmin GPS\Chartplotter, and a belt drive auto pilot.  Sails seem to be in good condition.  Bottom job less than a year ago.  Engine fairly clean, 350 hrs on meter but seems a little artificially low for a 23 yr old boat.

From everything I can tell this looks to be a well cared for and maintained boat.

This will be my first sailboat and intend to use it in FL on the ICW and some protected coastal cruising.  There are just 2 of us but kids and hopefully many guests will be visiting. 

Most of the 34's in this age range that I see online are asking near the mid 40s.  So $33k looks to be a good deal.  I am also wondering if this might be too much boat too handle as I am fairly new to sailing (power boated for 20+ years).  However, we love the stability, roominess, and comfort for weekending and longer trips.

I would love to have some input from all you Catalina experts.  If it is a great deal then my first step would be a professional Survey!