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In the ten years that we've owned Sonrisas (hull 1240, Universal M35AC) we have never had even the slightest problem starting the engine when cold.  This season, we have been having starting problems, but only when the engine is hot.  Turn the key, hit the starter button, and there is an audible "click",  the voltmeter swings left, but the engine doesn't turn.  I found that I could start the engine if my wife hit the starter button and I simultaneously gave the engine a slight manual boost (with my foot; not something one wants to do regularly).   I checked the positive connections (and recrimped several that were questionable) and replaced the ten-year-old starter battery, but the problem persists.  Could this be the sign of an aging starter?  Does a hot engine have greater compression than a cold engine, as suggested by a few web sites I've read?  Finally, is there a home remedy (starter rebuild? brushes replacement?), or should I just order a new one?
Main Message Board / Too much exhaust?
July 15, 2013, 02:26:27 PM
We have a 1993 Mk 1.5, with a Universal M35B engine and 1750 hours.

Over the last three seasons, we have seen a notable increase in engine exhaust when motoring at cruising speed (2000-2500 rpms).  The exhaust color looks like greyish white to whitish grey; definitely not black or blue. It normally dissipates not more than 5 - 10ft behind the transom.  There is no unusual soot buildup on the transom, nor are we burning oil.  The exhaust doesn't smell like antifreeze.  The engine runs smoothly.

Cruising at 2000-2200 rpm keeps the engine temp at 160-170, and if I open the throttle to 2500, the temp climbs to 180.  There is a clear increase in white/grey exhaust with higher engine temperatures.  Once the engine is hot, If I throttle back, shift to neutral, and raise the revs to 2500 again, there is just as much exhaust with no load.

I interpret the pattern as indicating insufficient mixing of exhaust gases and raw water.  However, the raw water system checks out fine-  no obstructions at the intake, new impeller, recently cleaned out the 3" heat exchanger completely, mixing elbow seems fine, and there is water coming out of the exhaust.

Is it possible that I have insufficient raw water flow?  Possibly due to a worn pump?  I recall reading about the wear to the facing plate causing the pump to work less effectively.  I'm still running with a 20 yr old Sherwood pump, so it might be a good time to replace it anyway.  Does anybody know what the flow rate should be for the Sherwood pump?

Alternatively, is there anything inside the water lift muffler that could be the culprit?
Main Message Board / Engine mounts for Universal M35a
October 01, 2007, 03:26:43 PM
We plan to replace the original engine mounts on our 1992 C34 over the winter to reduce engine noise and vibration.  Our boat is equipped with the Universal M35A engine, and a PSS dripless stuffing box.  According previous posts, the M35A specifications indicate that the Vetus K100 engine mounts are recommended.  1) Does anybody have experience with this engine/engine mount combination?  2) Is there any concern that with the softer engine mounts, the PSS stuffing box will allow the shaft to rattle against the shaft log at rougher RPM ranges?