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Had a great two months sailing. Love this boat!

When I couldn't get the pencil zinc off I decided to undertake a thorough checking of  the heat exchanger, so proceeded to take it off and have it cleaned over the winter. This is what I did.  A few days ago I winterized the engine with "the pink stuff" through the freshwater cooling system. THEN I took off the Heat Exhanger. I the process, of course , I lost some of the "pink stuff" and much (all?) of the coolant (the green stuff). I left the engine in that state in Midland, Canada (cold) and have the heat exchanger here with me in KY over the winter>(Rushing back to work after two months sailing. Then I had second thoughts.  Will the engine be OK over the winter without coolant and all the pink antifreeze? One diesal mechanic here says OK but I need to check you all who know more about the specifics of our 35M. Do I need to go back up (800 miles!) and finish the job or will it be alright?

Also, what are the specifics of putting it back? Check the hoses for replacement, connect the hoses, fill the engine with coolant.  Do I need to do any bleeding of air from the coolant or pink stuff/water system?or does that take care of itself--unlike air in the fuel lines.  If so how do I do it? 

Much of the time I feel I am way over my head with these projects, but with this great website I am gaining courage to wade in....... Thanks, Kerk

Main Message Board / keel bolt socket please confirm 1 1/8
« on: June 05, 2006, 05:09:17 AM »
I've been searching the Forum and discovered two different sizes for keel bolt sockets. Which is correct? 1 1/8 or 1 1/4? Thanks, Kerk

Main Message Board / simple zinc question
« on: May 27, 2006, 06:31:37 AM »
I just purchased a pencil zinc for the heat exchanger and collar zinc for the shaft. (I assume our heat exchanger is 3" as we have an M35 on a 1992; if not I'll cut the zinc to size as Ron Hill suggested in the FAQ).  QUESTIONs: Where is the zinc on the shaft? Anything special about applying it?      We're in Lake Huron, fresh water; do we need a galvanic isolator? We're hardly ever at dock with shore power. We're staunch sailors on the hook. Thanks, Kerk

Main Message Board / repairing gash in keel
« on: May 18, 2006, 03:24:48 PM »
Hi. Last year our chain got wrapped around a deadhead log, and as we played with it to try to work it loose the chain "rasped" the forward tip of the keel covering off. The keel is painted with vc-17 extra. This is my first bottom job so I"d like to know if  I'm thinking this right. The gashed material (keel covering) looks like epoxy, without any fiberglass material. Am I reading this right?  So, I would sand a bit of the bottom paint away from the gash edges. Or do I even need to do this? Epoxy it (with What kind of epoxy??) and paint over.   Seems simple except maybe moulding the epoxy so it gets a good shape--Is there a special way to do this? How much time between coats? Is there anything I should be concerned with? Any tips on how to do this?   Thanks, Kerk 
---By the way does anyone know the measurement in the refrigerator from the top shelf to the inside top of the refrig (for a basket to be put instead of the shelf)? One month more And we'll see our 600 mile away baby!!

Main Message Board / standing rigging x-ray and mag part inspection
« on: May 14, 2006, 06:48:16 AM »
I've been looking at the 2003 thread on this subject and couldn't get an answer about where Jim Kane had his rigging magnetic particle inspected and x-rayed. Anybody know?  Also, does anyone know where this can be done in the Toronto or east coast area?   This seems to be the most reasonable approach rather than assuming everything needs to be repaced. We just bought the boat and the rigging is 14 years old. Thanks, Kerk

Main Message Board / wheel size and circumference for cover?
« on: May 06, 2006, 12:58:14 PM »
Anyone off hand know the wheel size (diameter) and tube circumference for our boat, 1992 walkthru transom, #1102? I guess if I put to use some of my high school math I could figure the circumference of the tube with the diameter dimension. This is for getting a wheel cover. The bare wheel is starting to hurt my wife's hands. These little questions make me want to be nearer our boat!! Thanks, Kerk

Main Message Board / galley foot pump make/size and clearance
« on: May 02, 2006, 04:06:19 PM »
Does anyone know what make fresh water foot pump will fit inside the galley area near the sink? We are not close to  our boat and don't know the clearance. Seems to me there is only about 3 inches, but I'm hoping there is more. Also, is there a foot pump arm that folds out of the way? Thanks, kerk

Main Message Board / pivoting davit system anyone use it?
« on: April 28, 2006, 08:48:05 AM »
Hi. I've been looking at the pivoting davit system sold at it consists of 2 large "c" looking hooks that your dinghy hooks into and you roll it up. It's made for power boats with swim platforms primarily because ideally it needs a 30" spread for best support. Anyone use it on our small platform? I have a 1990 with walk thru transom.

Any better ideas for hauling our dinghy other than regular davits, putting it on the bow, or trailing it behind?

thanks, Kerk 

We have a 90, #1102, and the sliding companionway hatch scrapes the coach top because there's no clearance as it gets to be about half way closed. Fiberglass on the top of the sliding hatch is beginning to be scraped away, and it's hard to pull the hatch closed.  Nothing seems to be damaged, such as the coach top being flattened, and the teak piece is undamaged.  I've seen another '90 just a few #'s away and there is a good 1/2+ inch clearance all the way closed. I've taken pix and thought of sending to Gerry Butler--is this a manufacturing flaw on Catalina's part? Or is there something I can do about it?  thanks, Kerk

I have two conflicting designs for a cradle for our 1990 wing (#1102). One (from manual) indicates 12' betw. pads, another, (from the Marine Cradle Shop) indicates 13'. Since the pads should be right underneath the interior bulkheads, could someone with a comparable model who is near their boat (ours is 700 mi away!) measure the distance betw. the bulkheads? Thanks, Kerk

Main Message Board / cradle size and indentation
« on: September 24, 2005, 05:18:51 AM »
As we put our boat away this Fall we got into a situation where we had to use a cradle that was the wrong size. As a result the aft pads (there are six) are indenting the body more than we'd like.
1) How will I know if this has done permanent damage or if it's OK?

2) We will buy/have made a cradle for next year. Do we use the specs in the manual page 63? This only has four pads, not six. Is six better? Do the pad heights indicated refer to the pads when they are midway in their adjustment? Anyone have a better design?

3) We are storing our boat near Parry Sound in Georgian Bay, Lake Huron. Know of a cradle maker? of anyone who has one for sale?

We had a great summer sailing our new '90. Loved it every day!! Thanks for all the advice through last winter and spring!!   Kerk

Hi all, 2 more weeks and we're on our boat. Can't wait. A couple of last minute questions.

1. Some people put access doors in the v-berth down low to the left and right of the under the berth drawer, next to the hanging locker and "chest of drawers." Does anyone know what size door these areas will accommodate? I forgot to measure when I was last at the boat.

2.  Four 10X26 Taylor fenders came with our boat. This seems like overkill and takes up mucho room. Are 8X20's OK and do we really need four?

3.  Our boat came without mast wedges. What's the need, wisdom on this issue?

Now, after so many questions, my first contribution! When our boat came without a set of white galley cabinet doors (they had a microwave in the space), we searched and searched and finally found, at Home Depot, Thrifty White Tileboard. $10. Same thickness as doors, a nice shiny white, so we're replacing a four doors.

Thanks for all the help!!

Main Message Board / garboard plug paint on threads & seal?
« on: May 10, 2005, 04:30:28 AM »
The yard that painted our bottom sprayed over the open new garboard plug and got paint (VC-17) on the threads. Is this a problem? Also, when the plug is installed should we use teflon tape, or what, or nothing to seal it? Kerk

Main Message Board / traveller line through dodger?
« on: April 23, 2005, 05:53:18 AM »
When installing a dodger where do you run the traveller line? Paul Bousquet, after much thought, passed the lines through the dodger. Any other suggestions?  Or good ways of going through dodger if it's really necessary? Thanks, Kerk  One month to launch and are we excited!!

Main Message Board / boom bottom to dodger measurement needed
« on: April 16, 2005, 01:15:21 PM »
Our boat, a 90 STANDARD rig, is 600 miles away and the canvas shop says that it will measure 6 inches down from the boom bottom to create the top of the dodger. MAIN SAIL will NOT be on the boom for the measurement. No dutchman, only (I forget the name) the small lines and rings that attach to the leach of the sail so it doesn't flop over too much when dropped.  Is this enough room to clear the dodger when the sail is on the boom and enclosed in the cover? Could anyone who is near their standard rig boat measure this and tell me what it should be?  THANKS, Kerk

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