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Main Message Board / Re: Rules Of The Road Question
« on: October 03, 2017, 07:15:38 AM »
He's close enough to my port side that I'm not certain I have enough room to tack (turning to port, towards the barge), so quickly jibe to a starboard tack

From my understanding of the position of the two vessels, she's was somewhere off your port beam/quarter at the time you realized the situation but was she ahead of your beam?

Any chance you can provide your Lat & Long at the time so that I can review the chart.


She was off my port quarter when I first noticed her, but was abeam within about 5-10 seconds.  I'll see if I can obtain the coordinates, but we weren't in a narrow channel. 

Main Message Board / Re: Rules Of The Road Question
« on: October 02, 2017, 12:00:27 PM »
KK, We were not in a restricted area, per se.  We were inside the break water in Long Beach CA, which I'd guess is 15-20 square miles and not very restricted for a tug pushing a small barge.  That said, in spite of rule 13 making me the stand on vessel (being overtaken by another), I would have been happy to give way had I known he was there.  Rule 34i compels the tug to give me 2 long and 2 short blasts when overtaking.  Rule 36 permits the tug to give me a light or sound "signal" to attract my attention, which would have been the simplest solution.  A quick call on the radio would have sufficed as well.  In all of said scenarios, I would have been glad to give way.  I have little doubt(in retrospect) that the tug determined that we were not going to collide, assuming I remained on my current tack.  Had I tacked over to starboard, it would have been much tighter quarters, to say the least.  This was the second such incident in about a month.  I just wanted to check my standing here before I call the Coast Guard the next time it happens.

Main Message Board / Re: Rules Of The Road Question
« on: October 02, 2017, 10:44:38 AM »
To further clarify, there is no doubt to me that the tug was the stand-on vessel.  What bothered me was that the tug was overtaking me at probably double-triple my speed, and knowingly forced me into a jibe maneuver without even a toot of his horn to let me know he was closing on me. 

Main Message Board / Rules Of The Road Question
« on: October 02, 2017, 09:13:22 AM »
I've had two, nearly identical situations occur in the past month or so, with the same vessel.  I'm sailing on a broad reach, port tack, pointing 300 degrees.  Unknown to me is a tug, pushing a barge (maybe 75 -100' long), aft of my boat, to port, pointing 330-340 degrees, moving about 12-15 knots.  I'm sitting on the port side of the cockpit, so this tug-and-barge is behind me, out of my field of vision.  I notice him when I see him to port out of the corner of my eye.  His heading will lead him across my bow, and I didn't wait to determine if we might be on a collision course.  He's close enough to my port side that I'm not certain I have enough room to tack (turning to port, towards the barge), so quickly jibe to a starboard tack.  I understand that a working vessel with limited maneuverability has the right of way, but doesn't this tug have an obligation to alert me, either by horn or radio? 

Main Message Board / Re: exterior teak trim question
« on: September 16, 2017, 08:23:31 PM »
Albion, I removed my eyebrows, filled the holes and replaced the brows with 3/4" navy colored striping tape.  I was very happy with the look.

Main Message Board / Re: Boom End Caps
« on: August 08, 2017, 09:51:58 PM »
Windy, I lubed the end caps with lanocote.

Main Message Board / Re: Boom End Caps
« on: August 01, 2017, 10:07:06 PM »
I made a simple fixture/attachment for a slide hammer.  Sorry I didn't take a picture.  I bought the c30 outhaul from CD, worked great.

Main Message Board / Re: Lewmar 46 winch parts?
« on: July 16, 2017, 09:50:25 PM »
Noah, I looked everywhere, for months, for replacement crowns for my 1986 winches, and found nothing.  I ended up buying new winches from Minnie's for half price.  You could call them and ask if they've salvaged any of the parts you need.

Catalina 34s for Sale / 1986 C34 For Sale Soon (May '17)
« on: May 20, 2017, 01:49:48 PM »
I have a purchase pending for a C350 and will be selling my 1986 C34 very shortly.  It is located in Long Beach CA (Shoreline).  I'll write up a full info sheet on my boat when the sale on my new boat closes.  The short version for now is that my boat is well above average condition.  Some quick highlights are:
*New upholstery (contemporary, custom forward cabin matress) (2015)
*New cockpit cushions (2016)
*Full electronics, including radar
*New primary winches (2015)
*300 +/- hours on rebuilt engine
*New standing rigging, mast and boom painted (2009-ish)
*New running rigging (2016)
*New Raymarine windvane (2017)
*New LED mast/deck lights (2016)
*New Engine panel and updated wiring harness (2010)
*Fresh Varnish, 2B detailed in 2 weeks
*All toilet parts new (except bowl) (2017)
*Extremly well maintained


Main Message Board / Re: mysterious fixture
« on: May 18, 2017, 10:32:46 PM »
I agree, that's where I accessed the starboard winch nuts when replacing my winches.

I have same issue with my not-so-tall wife.  We currently use one of those MOB ladders.  I can't recall the manufacturer at the moment, but it comes in a yellow back and we hang it from the gate opening, as in the post shown above.  I always have this ladder attached at the gate (ladder stowed inside the bag) and laying on the side deck when we go off shore, just in case someone goes over.  It's not THE best ladder for what you want, but it's dual purpose and is stows well as it's about the size of a bible.

I'm looking at buying a near perfect, 2006 350 to replace my 1986 C34'.  The only item of question for me is the in-mast furling.  I've read many of the posts about a modest performance loss, which I'm okay with it if it is indeed modest.  I'm most concerned about the occasional "jamming" of the main and the consequential inability to furl it in, especially if the conditions are adverse.  What is the likelihood of a jam, and what do these jamming scenarios look like, worst case?  There's no way I'm going up the mast to cut the main down, I'm too old for that.  The only solution I can envision is trying to roll the main vertically, from the clue towards the mast, then wrapping the spinnaker halyard around the mast like a maypole, essentially vertically slabbing the main against the mast????  There are no battens in the existing main.  I've gotta resolve this scenario in my head before I buy this boat.  Would very much appreciate your great counsel on this one!  Thanks.

Clarification: I may not have been concise enough with my question which is, what are the best options for dealing with a main sail that has become jammed and won't furl back into the mast, especially under adverse weather conditions?  Thanks.

Main Message Board / Re: Lewmar Winches
« on: May 02, 2017, 10:38:40 PM »
I have an '86, so I'm not positive I had the same generation winch or not.  I looked around for months and could not find replacement crowns anywhere. I was tempted to have several sets custom made, but gave up on that idea and bought new winches at Minnie's for about half price (3 yrs ago).

Main Message Board / Re: buffing out oxidized paint
« on: April 21, 2017, 10:25:33 PM »
Becki, you don't need to mix compound with cleaner wax unless you want more grit.  Cleaner wax IS wax + compound mixed.

Main Message Board / Re: Boom is rotated out of vertical by several degrees
« on: February 04, 2017, 08:39:10 PM »
I would order a new gooseneck assembly from Cat.Direct.  Their new unit mitigates the weak cotter pin issue with strong SS pin.  Lube the assembly with lanocoat before installing.  This should make future removal easy.  You might also want to replace the outhaul while the boom is open, if your existing one is original and poorly functioning or the lines are in bad shape.  The outhaul for the Cat.30' will work.

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