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Main Message Board / Replacing mast conduit
« on: May 07, 2008, 09:49:26 AM »
Thanks to all who contribute to this forum- it is a wealth of information & new ideas.  After too many years of having the wires and conduit keep me awake by slapping around in the mast, I've decided to pull the mast this weekend and replace the broken conduit.  I think the factory used thin wall PVC for the conduit and it apparently broke in several places (guessing at the rivets) when the boat was moved.  I'm considering using larger, sch 40 (tougher), PVC attached to the mast through the original mast holes with alum. rivets.  Does anyone have any suggestions or tips they could pass along who might have tackled this opportunity before? 
Doug Reynolds
'89 C34-tall rig     

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