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Main Message Board / Prop shaft position out of water
« on: April 23, 2006, 07:06:18 PM »
Replacing my cutlass bearing turned into a very challenging project because I was unable to locate the correct tool for the job. After alot of struggling I finally got it in place. Now I have new prop shaft, cutlass bearing, and coupling.
My question is this. I have to really pull up on the shaft to get the coupling mate to with the transmission. I've read in other threads that the hull bends to some degree while on the hard but I'm wondering is this is too much. Also when measuring with a feeler gauge, 3 of the 4 quadarants on the coupling mate well while my lower starboard one is a bit a way. Much more than something you measure with a feeler gauge. I've rotated the shaft measuring things and the larger gap stays in the lower starboard quaduarant.  I'm wondering if it's just the boat twisted a bit or something else is awry. When I had the engine aligned two years ago the mechanic was able to get it within 4 thousands.

I'm going to have the yard look at it tomorrow but if anyone has had a similiar experience I'd appreciate hearing about it.

SO Journey #959

I'm in the process of installing a new s/s prop shaft. I've read on the board here that you can do it without dropping the rudder or removing the engine. I just tried removing mind today and when I tried to work it around the rudder it looked like I was putting a huge amount of load on the strut let alone the shaft. The old one isn't an issue but I'm concerned about the getting the new one in place without bending something (IE new shaft or strut).
It was stated that you have more room if you install the shaft before the new cutlass bearing. The one I have is pressed into the strut so I'm wondering how you do this when the shaft is in place.
Any insight to this is greatly appreciated. I'm current out of the water and want to get the boat back in as quickly as possible.

Thanks again in advance for your help.

So Journey #959

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