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Main Message Board / Keel bolt corrosion
August 17, 2022, 05:21:33 AM
I made an offer on a 1986 C34 that has yet to be accepted. In my inspection the forward keel bolt had a blob of corrosion on the top of it, but the others were clean. The bolt itself showed some signs of mild rust, nothing crazy, and the bilge had clean water in it. Imagine a white powdery cap and some rust on the top of the bolt.

Does this mean that there is likely a 'smile' and water intrusion in the keel? I wouldn't expect electrolysis unless there was a conductive path through a 'smile'.

Is replacing the keel boat scary? Any opinions appreciated.


1. Walk away
2. Run away
3. Grip checkbook tightly and jump in

Thanks for your comments!