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Main Message Board / Re: Replacing bulls eye on traveler
« on: May 31, 2018, 04:42:09 PM »
Getting any of the 8 screws out of the traveler (not counting the two through bolt upgrades) is my current hassle. Plan A is simply to access the bullseyes. After 2 weeks of soaking with Superzilla, one screw will turn. But it's not one I particularly want to remove. After washing, I will soak with PB Blaster. But I expect I will have to use the impact drill.

Question: Can anyone tell me how likely the impact drill is to damage enough of the threads that I will be better off replacing the control cars? Rather than replacing the control cars, I would install a whole new traveler from Garhauer.

Replacing the port gaskets was one of my first projects when I got Gambit. I discovered that letting the gaskets warm up in the sun for about 15 minutes, inside the clear plastic bags, made them nicely pliable.

Kokomis, I am glad to hear you like the Clozures. I am getting them for the opening ports.

Main Message Board / New owner/member hull 179
« on: May 07, 2018, 11:15:58 AM »
Greetings! After 25+ years of sailing, crewing, and working on the boats of others, I decided to buy myself hull 179 in San Francisco a little while ago. I have been a member of this assoc. for a bit, but am just now getting around to interacting. This forum has been immensely helpful.

As an exercise in using this site, I have attached a list of my main refit projects. Let's see if it works.

It's all about the traveler and stanchions right now. Throughout the traveler assembly, the old screws are tight. The good news is that it looks like I inherited a completed through-bolt upgrade. On the stanchions, the PO did some creative finger painting with the "bedding compound."

Terry, I realize you posted this question last year. Perhaps you have made the purchase or moved on by now. Or .
 . . maybe you decided to make your own, as I have just started to do for my 1986. Sailrite's how-to video has been helpful.

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