Restoring Dull Gel Coat

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The key to restoring chalky gel coat is to use a good cleaner/restorer/wax, 3m and Collonite Fleet Wax have good reputations, and a variable speed buffer. They are available for as little as $50 at Northern Tool, Harbor Freight, Lowes, etc. While your are shopping, pick up some extra polishing bonnets. Because of the speeds the buffer operates at, the bonnets must tie on. Do not waste your money on a "random orbital" buffer available at many Automotive or discount stores, it will not do the job.

  • Step 1. Wash the hull with a good quality soap. Some prefer to rinse with a pressure washer to knock the dirt off.
  • Step 2. Plan on working a small area (2'x2') apply a small amount of cleaner/wax on the polishing bonnet and apply to the hull at slow speed, immediately increase the speed to approximately 2000 rpm and buff the waxed area until the wax is gone. Move to the next area.
  • Step 3. Stand back and admire your shiny hull.