Raising the height of the head

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by John S. Meyer

I found the head height too low on the MKII models so I completed this simple modification to raise the head about 4.5 inches. I unbolted the toilet (without disconnecting any of the hoses), lifted the unit about 6 inches and temporarily secured it with a couple of straps. I then made a cardboard template of the base that the toilet sets on (including the mounting holes). I then placed some scraps of wood on the base to simulate the new height and I made a second template for a new toilet mounting base (the new base is larger due to the expanding sides of the hull).

I then temporarily replaced the toilet and used the templates to cut out the wood. I used marine plywood, 5/8" and several pieces of 4"x4" fence post. After cutting all of the pieces, I glued and screwed, then did multiple coats of exterior paint to match the original fiberglass.

Finally I remounted the toilet to the new base. I used the original lag screws for the lower board mounting to the fiberglass base and several nuts/bolts w/ washers for the upper board.


The new height is much more comfortable for adults. We even had a small "sit on the head" party to demonstrate the improved feel.