Hump Hose Replacement

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I have an exhaust leak from my exhaust manifold to the Aqua-lift muffler. I pump water into my bilge when the engine is running (Universal Model 25). It's a short piece of hose (about 5 inches) that seems to be leaking. I don't think I can replace the hose without removing the exhaust manifold/pipe. The nuts and studs that hold this manifold seem so rusted that I'm afraid to tackle them. Ken Kay, Watercolors, Long Beach, CA


Installing A Single Hump Hose: This is what a Single Hump Hose installed should look like. Note that I use "acid free" clamps with rolled edges and some soft leather between the clamp and the SHH. That hose is made out of silicone rubber and much softer that normal hose. Just wanted to make sure that I didn't cut into the hose with the hose clamps. Note that in the lower left is my Balmar ARS III voltage regulator. I wanted to be able to see the diagnostic LEDs and also wanted to get it out of the hotter engine compartment. I also cutout part of a "Tupper Ware" box to protect it from any spilled fuel while changing filters.

Story on the Single Hump Hose: Last June (1998), Gerry Douglas told me about this when I talked to him as I was ordering a new stainless steel exhaust riser. After installation of the new riser and the new single hump hose on my 1988 hull #788 C34, I wrote Gerry Douglas on 27 July - that it was a great modification but it could only be changed out with a new exhaust riser. "The new hump hose is only 5-1/2 inches tall and the old hose I removed from the old SS riser is 8-1/2 inches. The new hump hose would have to be 8-1/2 inches tall to make it fit with an old riser system." (My old riser was stainless steel with a crack in the exhaust water nipple that joins into the exhaust riser just above the muffler.)

In Nov 98, I received my first inquiry on where to get a single hump hose for the Catalina exhaust system that I had mentioned in the Nov Mainsheet. Again I wrote Gerry Douglas and reminded him of our previous correspondence in July that the single hump hose I received from Catalina parts was 5-1/2" long and with the new riser it fit well. However, IF I had wanted the single hump hose for my old stainless riser the length had to be 8-1/2" long. I also told Gerry that I had forwarded a copy of our correspondence to Marvin in Catalina parts so the parts department wouldn't sell a hose that might be 3" too short to a customer. In the meantime, I contacted Rich Becker, General Manager of Trident Rubber and found out that a 1-5/8" inside diameter silicone single hump hose is a non-standard diameter size for Trident and made only for Catalina. They keep none in stock.

At this time they only make this hose in a 5-1/2" length per Catalina's request. Trident would gladly make an 8-1/2" length if any individual wants to buy 50 or more of them! Later in Nov, I relayed this new Trident information to Gerry Douglas and recommended that they might buy the longer hose which Gerry said they would do on their next purchase. The key to the puzzle is to measure the distance between the Aqualift muffler and the base of the exhaust riser and determine its length. Then contact Catalina Parts (1-818-884-7700) and see if they have a single hump hose of the length that you want. If the hose length is too long, you can always cut it off. Hope this helps.

Ron Hill, APACHE #788 (1988)

The note about Catalina Parts is intriguing. I just bought two hump hoses from them, one to use and one as a spare. They fitted perfectly. They are actually made by Trident and are an off-catalogue item. That means the normal parts suppliers will deny their existence but if you force them to contact Trident they'll find they do exist. The size I obtained is 1 5/8 inch diameter to fit a 1 1/4 nominal pipe size exhaust and it is about 6 inches long. My boat is a 1988 C34 fitted with a Universal 25XP engine. Charles Holder