How do I Install a Mid-Ship Cleats?

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A compilation of Message Board responses

'I'd like to add mid ship cleats to my 1987. Unfortunately, the easiest way isn't available, as the original owner didn't order the boat with the toe rail mounted tracks. Does anyone have any other suggestions on how best to do this, what parts to use, and where to get them?'

Our '91 has mid-ship cleats mounted on teak blocks which are approximately 4" x 6" x 2" high. This gets the cleats up to the level of the toe rail. There is about a 1/2" gap between the toe rail and block for drainage. The cleats are through bolted and backed by large, heavy SS plates. Works great and very strong. Jack, C34 # 1169, Port A, TX

Check the May 15, 2000 issue of Practical sailor for alternative ideas. Some good thoughts here. Bob Cooper, Miranda #755

I have seen the mid-ship cleat set-up on teak blocks. I don’t know about anyone else but with a beer in hand, chips in the other, (at anchor) I have enough problems with stubbing my small toe on other things mounted on the deck, that this would be a navigation hazard for me. But if you must, I would recommend that you use the teak block method that Jack suggested but instead of leaving the ½" gap to the toe rail, push it up flush and cut a 45 deg. on the lower inside corner, so that the water will travel by. It would look more original against the toe rail! Who is going to maintain this piece of teak? Maybe make it from solid Plastic? Capt Al, Kindred Spirit……with cleat on toe rail mounted tracks!

We installed ours on the forward end of the regular Genoa track. Just need to be careful with the fairleads. Stu Jackson, #224, 1986, Aquavite

What did you think of Stu's idea of using a cleat off the regular Genoa track? In fact, if this were mounted on a car, would this become a movable cleat? Since I springline a lot, this has great appeal to me. John LeMasters, BLUE MOON #753 (an '88!), 18:04, 6 January 2009 (PST)~ (\_18:04, 6 January 2009 (PST)

I used a sliding midship cleat on the regular genoa track on a 1989 34 and was quite satisfied with it although it was on the small side. It was easy to move. You do have to be careful of it if you tend to walk on the deck without shoes on, something which I am sure no one ever does. Phil, Davvies, Cat's Paw. 1360

Another option that I just completed, but yet to trial. Craig Illman, Espresso #1150