Forepeak Cabinet

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by Mark Elkin, Yorkshire Rose #133

After completing my anchor windlass installation, my mate's first comment was "the motor is an eyesore". (Thanks honey........)

So I considered building a box similar to what Mike Smith did with his anchor windlass installation. But just about that time, a new issue of Mainsheet arrived and I saw an idea we both liked better. That idea was from a C30 owner, but who says C34 owners cannot learn a thing or two from our cousins. Here's the final result.

Getting there took patience and determination and a lot of weekends. First, I needed fairly accurate dimensions. I tried just measuring everything but wasn't terribly confident. So I decided a template would be better. And what better way to make a template than cardboard and masking tape.

Assembled the teak planks on a smooth finished birch plywood backing. Cut to slightly larger than the templates dimensions. Test fitted. Trimmed where needed and test fitted again. Marked the cabinet doors cutouts with masking tape to get a feel for them during the test fitting.

Finally cut the door openings and assembled the custom doors (from louver door kit materials). Sanded, stained, and oiled the wood. Then installed on Rose.