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the tank has sold


Quote from: kevinru on March 04, 2018, 09:35:09 AM
I have a brand new fuel tank for sale for a C34 that I purchased from Catalina Direct a year ago. The tank has never been installed or used. Long story short, the tank was ordered with two inspection ports but they sent a tank with no inspection ports by mistake. The tank was >$600 brand new but I am asking $400 OBO plus whatever shipping is needed (I'm in Northern Virginia). Pics attached!

i might be interested in the tank.  i was probably going to replace mine, during the refit i'm doing.  two questions:

1. what town are are you in VA, don't need the exact address, but i'd consider driving down to save on the shipping (maybe towards the annapolis show)

2. any reason you don't just take it to a welding shop and have the ports put in?  is CD going to fix the mistake and send you a new tank?  if so i would expected them to want that one back.

1989 Cat34 #856, original m-25xp


1. Ashburn - but happy to meet somewhere in the middle (wherever that is) within reason.
2. They did send me a new one with the ports, and said they didn't need the other one back!