New 135 Genoa for sale

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As a follow-up on my previous post (NEW Sails for sale) in October 2014, I can report the main has been sold.  :clap

I still have the new (in the box) roller-furling 135 North Genoa that was made for my 2005 Mark II. It is Nordac Radian 6.0 oz fabric, rope luff pad. New sail bag, No numbers on the sail. Dimensions from the loft:

Luff: 42 ft. 7/8" or 12.824 meters
Leech: 40 ft. 57/64" or 12.240 meters
Foot: 19 ft. 17/64" or 5.798 meters

$2700 if you pay shipping from Maryland.

Jeff McKinney (former owner of #1734)