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Hi Friends of Fleet 14,

This has been a fruitful week for our marketing campaign.  Our membership now stands at eight.  Note that this is just 4 shy of my personal goal of 12 by mid-August.  Next week will be a quiet one for me as I have lots of commitments that will take me away from recruitment.  The C34IA sent me a listing of every name they ever had in Florida.  I have sent e.mail and/or USPS mail to every name in our market area.  That was about 40 names.  Of course, many of these turned out to be bad addresses, but I am hopeful we will glean new members from the list.  There are a number of phone numbers on that list so I will be making phone calls starting the week beginning June 16, 2013.  This is slow work, but from my experience with small business, it pays off.

The biggest news of the week is that Paul Chasse, our member who was a broker with Eastern Yachts before he retired, knows Ed Massey of Massey Yacht Sales & Service quite well.  He called Ed yesterday.  Ed will have his data processing person (who is on vacation this week) give us every Catalina owner in southeastern Florida.  In addition, Ed will send a representative to our meetings to talk about Catalina Yachts.  This is huge, as Massey is really the only Catalina dealer of any size in our area.

I will be sending out these updates from time to time to keep you all informed as to our progress.



Robert Schuldenfrei
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Robert Schuldenfrei
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