Recap of our Spring Meeting

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Ron Hill

 Spring Meeting in Annapolis on 13 April

For those members who were not able to attend - you missed a great talk by
Matt Rutherford who sailed around the American Continents in just over 300
days in his 25ft sailboat!! In all there were 28 members attending.

Here are some important dates for our 2013 Sailing season:
1. Crab feast at Rock Hall Md on 24 August
2. Fleet 12 Fall Meeting in Solomon's Isle Md on 28 September
Both of the above events can be attended by auto or boat!! So mark your
calendars NOW!

With members getting their boats readied for sailing don't forget about
raft-ups. Let Hank or I know about when you plan on being out for a weekend
and would like some guests - you pick the place and the date. That way you,
Hank or I can get out the word by Email to all members.

I plan on being out for the most of May and 1/2 of June. I'll let you know
when we get up to Solomon's and are ready "to receive guests"!!

If you did not attend and forgot, remember to send your $20 dues to Susan.
Ron, Apache #788