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Looking at my standing rigging this weekend I realized it is time to replace my shrouds.. any suggestions on who to use..


Torin Knorr

Jet Lag 1130


We just had all of the standing rigging replaced at Svendsens in Alameda last week.  Partly because we are next door at Grand Marina and partly because they gave us a good deal at the boat show last month.  Chris their rigging foreman is a good guy and gave us a bunch of good advice (I think)  We cleaned the mast, rebeded the spreaders and changed the masthead light to a LED while it was down.  Would have been nice to replace the sheaves as well but we needed something to do next time we pulled the mast. :D  We had the usual boat yard issues that drive you crazy, but I guess that's expected being out of towners.  Chris made up for the other things that lacked in our opinion.  Nobody treats your baby like you do I guess.


Sea Spirit and All Hail both had their rigging done by Hansen Rigging in the last 12 month and as far as I can tell they are happy.