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Looking to purchase a Salon Table and pedestal for a C 34' Mark 1.5. Would like an factory original, thanks.
Michael E. Spiers
Lighthouse Point, Florida 


I am looking for a salon table also for a 1990 C34.  I don't need the pedestal though.


It should be so easy to make the table top  (18mm/ 3/4"ply with white laminate to match existing with iron on edging) or have it made at your local kitchen manufacturer.
if not already on this site, I will measure ours and post it here at your request
Tony Plunkett
C34 Moonshadow
1992  Hull#1174
Pittwater / Newport
NSW Australia

Clay Greene

I have the original salon table from our 1989 C34 available for sale.  It is the white laminate surface with teak trim.  Table is in great shape.  Bracket not included.  Contact me at if interested - I'll be glad to send photos. 
1989, Hull #873, "Serendipity," M25XP, Milwaukee, Wisconsin