C34IA Fleet 8 "End of 2007 Hurricane Season" Brunch Dec 16 2007

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Mike Smith

The C34IA Fleet 8, "The Emerald Coast Fleet", hosted an "End of 2007 Hurricane Season" Brunch at the Fish House in Pensacola, FL, Sunday, December 16.  Dining at the Fish House is always a great experience, and everyone enjoyed the food and friendship.  As you can see in the attached photo, Fleet 8 had a great time. Pictured from left to right are, Kay Sheehan, Marta Burke, Jan Smith (with eyes closed), Joan Sykes, Paul Sykes, Mike Smith, Steve Burke, and John Sheehan. Picture courtesy of our waitress, Kira.  Hopefully, next year will be as uneventful a storm season as the one was.  We plan to have several more on-and off-water social events this next year as we gain more members and focus.  To those who couldn't make it Sunday - we missed you!

And now, with the start of the New Year, Fleet 8 annual dues are, well, due!  They are $20, made out to C34IA Fleet 8 and should be mailed to our new Treasurer:

Paul Sykes
C34IA Fleet 8 Treasurer
30613 Ono North Loop West
Orange Beach, AL 36561

The C34IA provides matching funds on a per member basis for Fleet activities which usually doubles the amount of revenue generated by the collection of dues.  If you know of C34 owners in the area, give me some contact information and we'll get them affiliated!  Also, check out C34.org and sign up!  It'sthe most comprehensive Catalina34 website with over 600 active - very active - owners.  I am talking with one of the sponsors of the C34 website about fleet apparell, caps, visors, shirts, etc. and they are offering great prices through the C34IA association.  Soon as I get more information, I'll be in touch.  That's about all for now...

Fair Winds,
Mike Smith, Breezer
C34IA Fleet 8, "The Emerald Coast Fleet"