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Author Topic: Associate Webmaster(s) Needed for C34 Website  (Read 1641 times)

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Associate Webmaster(s) Needed for C34 Website
« on: June 18, 2001, 10:23:43 AM »

Can you help with our website? We need one or two associate webmasters to help with the FAQ pages and the Projects pages.  This will not be a major time commitment, but does require some modest knowledge of Microsoft FrontPage.  Here's a brief idea of what the job will entail:
 Associate Webmaster for FAQ Pages
 The FAQs have, in the past been a digest of the more interesting message threads from the old maillist.  Now that the messages are on this board, the job should be much easier.  Message threads can be exported automatically, so all that will be necessary is to select the better threads, export them, clean them up a bit, and post them.  I will then delete them from this board along with older message threads.
  Associate Webmaster for Projects
 From time to time, members will submit interesting projects they have completed on their C34 (one such has just been sent to me).  Your job will be to reformat the project, and post it as you see fit.
 Dave Smith
 Bear Territory #1421
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