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Phil Spicer

It's time for new cowl vents. Found this Vetus on sale at Mauri Pro Sailing for about $44 less than
other suppliers. This newer model has a threaded ring that screws to the boat. The vent threads
onto the threaded ring and can be rotated into the breeze. Don't know when the sale is over but
I thought this was a good deal.
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I did this job somewhat recently.  I replaced the dorade boxes and vents, as well as the cowels.  Made for a nice clean and new look on deck.  I find they actually work to vent the boat.  You loosen the ring on the cowel and rotate it into the prevailing wind and it works pretty well.
Alex - Seattle, WA
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Ron Hill

Guys : As previously mentioned - I paid a few bucks $$ and invested in two stainless steel vents.  Have never regretted it.  Just got tired of trying to keep the "plastic" ones clean and looking nice!!   :thumb:

A thought
Ron, Apache #788