Weatherstripping for aft Lazarette

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I have rain water leaking through my aft lazarette. I've tried a bit of weatherstripping but the engineering of the hinge and the way it opens makes it tricky.
Has anyone had success dealing with this?

Thanks, Dave
Dave Burgess
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Stu Jackson

The weather stripping on our lazarette hatch is only needed on the flat surfaces on the latch (forward) and side parts.  I have found anything I put on the aft hump part comes off right away because of the geometry of the hinge side.  The leaks stopped with just the three sides done.
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Jon W

I had the same results as Stu on the aft surface. I plan on trying an adhesive backed foam strip on the vertical surface below the hinges. My thinking is when the hatch is closed, the foam will compress between the hatch and the coaming and the water will flow to the sides instead of down and into the aft locker. Sounds good anyway.
Jon W.
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Bump for this thread. Does anyone have a new improved way of preventing rain from leaking into the aft lazarette?
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Ron Hill

Keel : I did what Jon suggested and don't have a problem. Stu, Jon and I all have the standard transom!!  I assume that you have a walk thru??

A few thoughts
Ron, Apache #788


I'm not familiar with the Mki, but on my Mkii at least, there is no weatherstripping, there is a channel/gutter all the way around the opening that the top hatch fits into. If you're getting rainwater in, I would suspect either the gutter is clogged or the hinges are leaking. For the hinges, I would re-bed those with some butyl tape.  Or maybe your gutters have sprung a leak? My hatches are hinged to open forward so it's pretty easy to inspect the gutter.

I also have things like the shower handle and speakers back there that are potential leakers.

Good Luck

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Jim Hardesty

Shamrock a MKll doesn't leak, except when using a hose to wash.  The lips and gutters do seem to keep the rain out.  I did add some weather stripping to keep most of the hose wash water out. A few times a season the lids are lifted and get a good cleaning.  I discovered late fall last year that the PO installed speakers on the vertical part of the aft seat lids had the speaker cone material deteriorated.  Water, especially hose water, could enter.  Have new speakers, on the spring to-do list.
Jim Hardesty
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Gutters are definitely not blocked but I do get a significant leak when hosing down. I'll check the hinges, but I'd be surprised if they alone could account for all the leakage.
2006 Catalina 34 Mk II. Hull No:1752. Engine: M35 BC.


I don't know that I would expect it to stay dry when hosing down.  The gutter system will solve rain water and maybe a splash of a wave that rolls over the hatch.  It is not the best system for true water tightness.
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If I were taking the boat long distance offshore, I would try to devise a seal on the inside lip of the gutter that would press up against the bottom of the hatch.  I'd also have to either remove the speakers or build some type of box around them. And I don't like the fact that the hatches hinge forward and are secured on the forward edge, that doesn't seem very strong. I'd move the hasps to the aft edge of the hatch.


1998 Catalina 34 Mkii 1390 - Miss Allie
New Bern, NC