Pigtail to Honda 2200 generator

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Quote from: Noah on October 13, 2022, 09:00:30 AM
Why did you not just use your shore power cord with Smartplug plugged into the boat and the 30A twist end into the Honda? Or, with an adaptor on the 30A end that plugs into your Honda household plug outlet?

I didn't want to run the 50' cable to connect the Generator ( at the back of the cockpit ) to the Boat Receptical ( just about 8' from the generator) :)
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Hi Paul, I also have a Honda generator, the EU2200i.  From your post I see that you are using your generator in the cockpit.  Did you construct some type of stand/mount for this?  I was thinking to place mine over the chain locker when in use, but I haven't brought it out to the boat yet (winter here in Boston).  And where are you storing when underway?  Thanks, Brian

Ron Hill

Paul : Here's what I do with my 1KW Honda. I made a pigtail out of a #14gage dryer cord and plug it into the 115AC receptacle on the Honda. The other end goes into a 115AC/30Amp adapter that goes into the boats 30A male plug.
I usually run the Honda on the port side walk way so it's out of the cockpit and the exhaust is pointed forward. The Honda sets on a large kneeling pad so an vibration is not transmitted to the boats deck. If it is raining i set the Honda under the Bimini with the exhaust pointe aft.  Have NEVER had a problem !!  :thumb:

A few thoughts
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