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Hello all, I just joined the site because I think the C34 is the right first sailboat for my family.  At least it seems like the right boat on paper.  I have read as many reviews as I could find and dug deep into the tech wiki on this site and it seems the C34 has everything I want and not much that I don't.

A little about me, I have been a powerboat owner for many years as I moved about the country with the Navy. however, I have have taken to chance to sail whenever I could over the years. Now that I am retired from Navy life it is finally time to leave the dark side and find balance in the force at the helm of a sailboat.
The one thing I know is that I want a Catalina to be my first boat.  I have sailed a few over the years and they have always left a very favorable impression.  I love the strong owners community and love that they are built with the owner who likes to tinker in mind.  I have narrowed my search down to three models, the 34, 36, and 355 based on research alone and the 34 is in the pole position.  The next step for me is to actually see a 34 in person. I am 6'3 and am particularly interested in how it feels inside.  Was wondering if there was anyone in the mid to South Bay that would be willing to show an introductory sailing couple around their C34.  I would love to be able to go into the winter months knowing that I have found the right type of boat so that I can find the right individual boat come springtime. 


Glad to hear from you.  Our boat is a 1992 C34, known as the "mark 1.5" as it has a scoop transom, but narrow stern.  The beam width is not carried as far aft as the Mark II.    We keep her in Pasadena/Lake Shore in the Magothy River.  Fleet 12 has a number of boats in the mid bay, and one may be closer than mine.  Where are you located?  Feel free message direct.
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