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Ken Juul

DIY cutlass bearing press $25
Skipper Bobs ICW anchorages 18th edition $10
Chesapeake bay Chartbook 7th edition $25
Norfolk to Florida Chart book 11 editioon $25
Florida east Coast 15th edition $25
15 to 30Amp marinco pigtail $25
Teak grill 9 1/4x 15 1/2 $20
if not local pick up, shipping will be added. 
Ken & Vicki Juul
Luna Loca #1090
Chesapeake Bay
Past Commodore C34IA


not sure if any of this still for sale but i would be interested in the cutlass bearing press.


Realizing if any of this is still available because it is an old posting. I would certainly be interested. I recently acquired my c34 from an 80-year-old family friend who gifted it to me. She'd been neglected for a number of years and I'm trying to get her back in the water. Anything you have listed there outside the pressed would probably be of interest to me. I also need a prop desperately. I'm trying to get out of the yard and get her back in the water and price is right now are absolutely outrageous and because of the other expenses I'm running out of money lol I can be reached at 757-332-2135 or by my email listed. Thank you for your service
1986 hull#9


The teak grill you mentioned is that from the settee for the shower seat?
1986 hull#9