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Author Topic: Raymarine ST4000+ autohelm master "reset"  (Read 62 times)

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Raymarine ST4000+ autohelm master "reset"
« on: August 30, 2020, 10:29:35 AM »

This question came up on yesterday:

I already have the user, service and installation manuals. I can see the default values on the Dealer setup page. Is that it? Just set them all to those and it's "reset" or is there a reset mode somewhere I can't find?  Also, I've heard switching from wheel to tiller and back to wheel resets something also?  I just replaced my old dead one with a used one from another boater here. I put in the settings that I know about, the "Catalina Cocktail", but it still steers like a drunk pirate. Also, the compass needs to be recalibrated, and I haven't done that yet.  I just want to make sure it's really reset.

After an alert respondent told him that he'd have to calibrate it by doing the sea trial first, Claude, a knowledgeable skipper who I have quoted here before ("What's In Your Muffler?" is a great example), provided this gem of information that I thought helpful to share.

I think that in the shop manual, the part that talks about installing a new circuit board is as close to the "reset" as you can get.. The attached is the little dance that I had to do to get the rudder reference transducer to work.. That transducer made a tremendous difference in making the pilot steer correctly.. Sounds like you've already done that one. The other thing I found is that the little push part of the wire connectors can be easily put in so that the spade is not in the connector.. the pilot will work very erratically that way.. :facepalm:

However, automatic transducer detection and rudder bar display won't occur unless enabled in Dealer Setup. This is an undocumented requirement from Raymarine. The setup sequence is as follows...

    Install and connect transducer.
    Enter Dealer Setup mode by pressing & holding Standby for 14 seconds.
    Press +1/-1 simultaneously to get Cal Lock screen.
    Press Disp to get Pilot Type screen.
    Use +1/-1 to change type to a different pilot type, any type.
    Press Standby for two seconds to save setting and exit Dealer Setup.
    Repeat Dealer Setup mode, change back to correct pilot type (wheel or tiller,) exit Dealer Setup.
    Enter User Setup mode by pressing & holding Standby for 2 seconds.
    Press Disp five times to change to the Bar Selection screen.
    Press +1/-1 to select "Rudd Bar" or "Steer Bar".
    Press Standby for two seconds to save setting and exit User Setup.
    Power down and back up.
    Rudder reference transducer should now be detected and displayed on the screen

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Link to sbo is:

There was some later discussion about this there ^^^ so you might want to read that thread, too, rather than me cutting & pasting more stuff.
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