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Looking for insight.  Weeks ago, I spoke with Doyle about a stack pack. (Wobegon has a Doyle main, now in great shape thanks to Sailcare) Theirs attaches to the main directly, allowing for a "better" sail shape and experience due to its own battens and being directly attached. They also came up with a Cradle Cover, which is similar but doesn't attach to the main and seems to work more like the other stacking main sail covers. The Stackpack requires I send the main to them, will take weeks, and then it comes back.  The Cradle Cover ships to me with no sending the main. Doyle was to get back to me with a turnaround time, and with the virus closures, has yet to do so.

I looked at Bacons Sails alternative, and liked it fine. 

Anyone have experience with the Doyle or other?

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Bill I just put on a Ustack from Ullman with new sails. I have used it twice and I am still working out the details of lining up everything, having a new "crunchy" sail.
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I installed a Mack pack from Mack Sails last year.  I've been very happy with the quality and price.  It was designed to be installed with the existing rope bolt foot on my mainsail.  The bottom is open so water drains.  Zipper top opens and closes easily. I provided 3 measurements to the factory in Florida and unit was a perfect fit.  Installed myself in a couple days but could be done much quicker by someone who knew what they were doing.


Two years ago I installed the Mack Pack from Mack Sails as well.  I am happy with the price, quality, and function.  It probably took 3-4 hrs to install after sending them some measurements.  The next one would go much quicker  :D 

BTW, I call it "the marriage saver".  Having no lazy jacks previously was a bit of a nightmare - i.e. trying to furl the main with the boom swinging and admiral at the helm.

If you google Mack Sails you can see a measurement and install video on Youtube.  They were great to work with.
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I too had purchased the Mack Pack. I checked out the Doyle Pack, their bottom is closed vs the Mack Pack where the bottom is open allowing water to drain out. Its well made, I had it installed by their rigger, it took them less than 2 hours to install it. I have a standard rig so they will have the Catalina boom dimensions on file. Been very pleased with the quality and support.
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I got a Doyle Stack Pack last year.  Had it made mid summer, for some reason.  Loft had to take the main for 2-3 weeks.  Kids were in sports so were only able to get out for some afternoon sails with the jib so wasn't a big issue for us.  It is sewn into the bottom of the main.  Haven't noticed any issues with the draining, at least not yet.

One thing I did notice this year installing the main, I did need a second hand getting the bolt rope installed.  In the past I've been able to wrangle it myself.  You'll also need a second person to attach the lazy jacks to the pack.  I found I had to hold the pack up and my daughter would have to clip it in.  In the past I was able to get everything installed by myself.  It was too heavy and cumbersome to do it myself. 

Overall I'm very happy with it.  So much easier to drop the main now.


Thank you all.  The photos were a great help.
I assume those with existing lazy jacks were able to use their attaching points for the stack. 
Wobegon has a fully battened loose footed main (from Doyle).
My two concerns were whether attaching to the sail was that much better, and the time away should that have great advantage.  Doyle recommended the stack over the cover.  The $ difference is negligible.

I will make some more calls.  My new propeller isn't here yet, so I have two weeks to splash.  Doyle has been shut down, officially, but the phone call was answered and they apparently have people working from home.  It seems both are quite similar in many respects. 
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