1989 Catalina 34 MK1 (Project)

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I'm posting my Catalina 34 MK1 Tall Rig Shoal Draft up for sale to see if anyone might be interested in taking on this project.  I want to assure people this is NOT a "free" boat type of project.  I picked up this vessel in 2017 from the original purchasing owners after she sat in the yard for 4-5 years.  The original owners aged out of sailing her after 25yrs on the water.

She surveyed well at the time.  Only showing moist decks around the chain plates and the cockpit floor, but no spongeeness or delam was readily detectable.  Since she sat for so long, the biggest issue was the stanchions above the galley and chart table leaked (typical problem) and completely destroyed the plywood interior in these sections.  Other minor issues that would be typical of a 30yr old boat; broken everything electronic/electrical, sails/ropes/sheaves in poor condition, paint peeling on the mast, etc.

My plan was and still is to gut the interior and rebuild the boat basically as if this was a hull only purchase from the factory.  I've stripped the hull and mast and started the upgrade of many things.  I've also stopped all the leaks but one nagging one in the aft compartment.  The hull is sound and pretty water tight at this point.

However, I've had a life change where it would be much easier on me if I could hand this project to someone else.  If not, I still plan to restore the hull back to her glory.  I have hundreds of pictures as I deconstructed and reconstructed things.  I've also saved pretty much everything I pulled out for templating or otherwise.

She is not currently capable of water transport, only by land.  I'm having drive train changed out (shaft/cutless/stuffing,etc) and the engine cleaned up a little.  Any serious interest, I'd be happy to go over in detail what I have and haven't completed so far.

The boat is sitting on the hard in Barnegat, NJ.  Price is $13,000, firm, as is, where is.
1989 Cat34 #856, original m-25xp