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Paul Blumenfeld

Due to my husbands recent and abrupt passing, I will need to sell his beloved Catalina 1987. Currently docked in Channel Islands Harbor, CA. I will sell this without a boat broker to save some money, and pass that savings on to you. He has maintained the boat well, and kept a log. Lots of extra equipment, tools, parts, etc included. I will be in CA in a few weeks and can post photos at that time. I do have a broker who will do the legal paperwork to make the sale smooth and complete. Asking $25,000.
Ali'ikai #312
Channel Islands, CA


Suzanne, Sorry to hear that your husband passed.

The boat should sell in no time at that price, it's probably $8000 to $10000 below price.

Someone is going to get a deal.

I wish you the very best.

Paul & Peggy
1987 C34 Tall Rig Fin Keel - Hull # 463

See you out on the water



Did your boat sell? Just wondering if you got any interest from this site, I have a 97 that I am thinking of selling in San Diego.

Paul, how do I determine the value?

Catalina 34, standard rig, 1700 hours, well maintained, dodger.....  always professionally maintained.